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Worms in mud pudding recipe

Worms in Mud Pudding

After a lovely day in the garden planting and worm hunting, what better way to end it, than to make these delicious worms in mud puddings?

Making the Easter lollipops

Easter Nest Cake Pops

I always like a challenge. I have never made cake pops before, but like the look of them, so not only did I challenge us to make some cake pops, but we made slightly more complicated ones…..Easter nest cake pops!

Egg Muffin Recipe

Egg Muffins

After blowing so many eggs for our egg decorating we needed to find a way to eat the eggs. We decided to have a go at my friends recipe for egg muffins…

Marzipan sweets

Marzipan Sweet Fun

Children love playdoh and they love cooking, so how about combining the two activities and make marzipan sweets? Here’s our marzipan fun…

Apple Crumble

A Family Apple Scrumble

We love a good old fashioned Sunday roast. So what better, than to get the whole family involved. Daddy cooked the roast, while I made an apple scrumble…

Eatwell Guide

Healthy Eating for All Ages

We all need to eat a good diet to keep us fuelled up with the energy we need for daily life, but what exactly is a healthy diet?

Baking utensils

Basic Equipment

All of our recipes tell you at the start what equipment and ingredients you need. Here’s some of the equipment we use most often in our recipes…

Potato peeler

Get Safe

Cooking is great fun but it’s vital to stay safe. Here’s our guide to safe techniques in the kitchen.

Pizza for one

Cooking for One

If you’re cooking for one, then be your own VIP. It’s the perfect opportunity to make your very own favourites or experiment with new flavours and techniques.

Boy breaking an egg

Tips on cooking with kids

Cooking with children is about much more than the finished product. It’s a chance to spend some quality family time together – talking, laughing and experiencing new tastes and sensations.

Boy with brightly coloured balloons

5 Games To Play With a Balloon

Here are five easy ways of using the humble balloon to develop those muscles and co-ordination and have some fun at the same time…

Children's building bricks

5 Best Toys

Traditional options such as building bricks, dolls, etc are still the best children’s toys and here’s why…

A bushy tailed red squirrel

Can You Be A Nature Detective?

Now that the spring weather is getting warmer and the days are longer there is a lot of activity in the natural world. The birds are beginning to sing again and squirrels will be digging for buried nuts and seeds …

Angry rabbit

The Most Hated Toys

Plastic toys don’t age well, they lose their shine, their colours change (and not in a good way) and they become brittle. They don’t look enticing, just rather – soulless.

Girl running with balloons

Which Play Personality Are You?

Stuart Brown MD and founder of the National Institute for Play has identified 8 play personalities that develop over time as we develop strong preferences for certain types of play.


Why Bumble Bees Have Smelly Feet

The decline of the bumblebee has been in the news a lot recently but here’s a thing you may not know and your kid’s will find interesting…

Child's bedroom

Children’s Rooms Ideas

Of all the rooms that should be filled with creativity and character, it has to be a child’s bedroom or playroom.

Child sat on the lawn

Fun in the Garden

Gardens ought to be fun and enjoyable although ‘experts’ disagree. Where kids are concerned though, you can’t beat a good lawn.

Zebra design cabinets

Inspiring Designers

Looking for inspiration, I’ve recently been travelling around to various furniture events…

Cooked egg in a mug

Egg in a Cup

This recipe is a slight twist on the traditional ‘poached egg on toast’ as it is served in a cup or mug.