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Parenting advice, tips and general rants from a working mum plus activities and recipes for the whole family.

Kid's toy box and book case

Order in the House

Children must be responsible for 95% of the clutter in any one household so here’s a few storage ideas to get your children’s rooms in order.

Bunny storage basket

Clever Toy Storage Solutions

A few simple ideas to help you organise endless amounts of toys and games that tend to build up in your kid’s rooms.

Baby crawling on a laminate floor

Flooring for a Baby’s Bedroom

You will probably want to do everything you can to welcome your precious new baby into the world. If that means redecorating a bedroom then you will need to consider flooring…

Multi-coloured breakfast cereal

E Numbers to Avoid

Health specialists around the world are becoming increasingly convinced that the additives in processed foods are firmly linked to the dramatic rise in children’s allergies…

Two teen girls in pink t-shirts sat on bed

Teens and Sleepovers

If your teen is hankering to have a sleepover, then here are some ideas for helping it go with a swing….

School Bus

Surviving the First Day at School

Some simple plans and preparations beforehand will make the first day at a new school less stressful and more enjoyable for children and parents.

Kid's playing nicely

Non-Competative Games

Today, we are learning that it can benefit children to play games that encourage a cooperative spirit, rather than a win/lose scenario…

Kid's martial arts

Martial Arts and Kids

Martial arts are now common place in Western culture but many parents worry that they are too violent to be practiced by children. This article describes the most common forms of martial arts found in the UK – aikido, karate, kung fu, judo, jujitsu and tae kwon do – and offers advice on finding the right classes for your child.

Couple out walking with baby in a stroller

Stroller Choices

Tips for purchasing a baby stroller; includes descriptions of assorted styles as well as options for parents of multiples.

Girl with arms stretched beside her bunkbed

Decorating a Child’s Bedroom

Decorating a child’s bedroom is a challenge that every parent has to take on at some point. This article gives tips and tricks on creating a functional, fun room that your child will love.

Child covering her eyes with two eggs

Encouraging New Foods

Tips and advice on encouraging children to try new foods. How to encourage children to be healthy and adventurous eaters.

Chopping veg

Hiding Vegetables in Favourite Foods

A child who refuses to eat vegetables can become the bane of any parent’s existence. This article provides tips on disguising vegetables so that even the most picky eater will feast on a few.

children's picnic

Packing Great Picnics

Everyone loves a good picnic! Discover some great ideas on how to pack a great picnic, from savoury delights to sweet nibbles.

Child creating a mess whilst eating

Table Manners

Table manners are an extremely important part of dining, and children should come into contact with them from the time they are old enough to sit at the table. This article contains a basic description of table manners all children can be asked to observe.

Blue nursery scheme

Decorating a Nursery

Practical tips on decorating a nursery. Includes ideas on creating a welcoming room for baby while considering safety and budget concerns.

Child having a quick snack

Healthy Food on The Run

Tips for eating healthy on the go, whether while running errands, on a road trip, at fast food establishments, or in restaurants.

Play room

Flooring a Children’s Playroom

Before you create a playroom give thoughtful consideration to how you might floor it – you need a room that is both practical to use and comfortable and safe for your children to play in.

Kids of bikes

Cycling to School

Bicycling to school is an easy, economical and enjoyable way for children aged ten and older to commute. A variety of tips and hints will help get you and your older child ready to cycle to school.

Kid's playing in the rain

Rainy Weather Games

Rainy weather can put a damper on a number of activities. This article suggests indoor activities to help beat the rainy day blues…

Boy kicking football

Team Games

Partaking in team games is a common childhood activity. This article explains the benefits for children of participating in team games, offers suggestions for finding a team game for your child, and provides information on making your child’s participation a success.

Child playing tennis

Getting Children Involved in Tennis

Over three million people play tennis in the UK. This article gives information on the game, as well as advice for getting children involved in this exciting, energetic sport.

Children playing football

Football for Kids

Information on the sport of football, and on getting your child involved in organised youth football leagues.

Kids running

Athletics for Kids

Children greatly benefit from an active lifestyle, and athletics is a wonderful activity for any child. This article discusses the benefits of athletics for children and their parents, and provides information on finding more information on athletics for your child.

Child playing golf

Golf For Kids

Golf is a great family game that has become popular with younger participants. This article provides a quick summary of the game of golf, and offers hints to parents hoping to get their children more involved with golf.

Mum sat on bench with 2 kids

The real job description of a mother

The job description of a mother sounds so simple, boring and unchallenging. However, mother’s know differently. Take a look at the real job description of a mother…

Mum and duaghter standing beside a stream

To My Daughter…

My daughter is not a little girl anymore. These are the ten things I’d say to her if I could jump ahead into the future…