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Parenting advice, tips and general rants from a working mum plus activities and recipes for the whole family.

Couple out walking with baby in a stroller

Stroller Choices

Tips for purchasing a baby stroller; includes descriptions of assorted styles as well as options for parents of multiples.

Kid's martial arts

Martial Arts and Kids

Martial arts are now common place in Western culture but many parents worry that they are too violent to be practiced by children. This article describes the most common forms of martial arts found in the UK – aikido, karate, kung fu, judo, jujitsu and tae kwon do – and offers advice on finding the right classes for your child.

Blue nursery scheme

Decorating a Nursery

Practical tips on decorating a nursery. Includes ideas on creating a welcoming room for baby while considering safety and budget concerns.

Kids of bikes

Cycling to School

Bicycling to school is an easy, economical and enjoyable way for children aged ten and older to commute. A variety of tips and hints will help get you and your older child ready to cycle to school.

Boy kicking football

Team Games

Partaking in team games is a common childhood activity. This article explains the benefits for children of participating in team games, offers suggestions for finding a team game for your child, and provides information on making your child’s participation a success.

Child playing tennis

Getting Children Involved in Tennis

Over three million people play tennis in the UK. This article gives information on the game, as well as advice for getting children involved in this exciting, energetic sport.

Children playing football

Football for Kids

Information on the sport of football, and on getting your child involved in organised youth football leagues.

Kids running

Athletics for Kids

Children greatly benefit from an active lifestyle, and athletics is a wonderful activity for any child. This article discusses the benefits of athletics for children and their parents, and provides information on finding more information on athletics for your child.

Child playing golf

Golf For Kids

Golf is a great family game that has become popular with younger participants. This article provides a quick summary of the game of golf, and offers hints to parents hoping to get their children more involved with golf.

Mum sat on bench with 2 kids

The real job description of a mother

The job description of a mother sounds so simple, boring and unchallenging. However, mother’s know differently. Take a look at the real job description of a mother…

Mum and duaghter standing beside a stream

To My Daughter…

My daughter is not a little girl anymore. These are the ten things I’d say to her if I could jump ahead into the future…

Child dance practice

Dance for Kids

A variety of children’s dance classes exist today. This article describes the most popular types of dance classes for kids, and reminds parents of points to consider before committing to any particular dance style or dance studio.

Milk fruit jelly

Jelly with Milk and Fruit

This twist on traditional jelly is popular with children and can be easily adapted using different flavoured jellies or fruits

Healthy Lunch Box Idea

Cheap Lunchbox Ideas

Many parents are turning to packed lunches to help keep on top of their household budget. There is no doubt that making kids packed lunches is much cheaper than buying school dinners every day.

Child picking at her food

Why Is My Child A Fussy Eater?

As a parent of a very faddy child I know just how frustrating it can be and how unhelpful some of the fussy eating myths are…

Pinwheel sandwiches

Pinwheel Sandwiches

A pinwheel sandwich is a slice of bread that has been flattened with a rolling pin. The filling is added, the bread is rolled up and then sliced to make small wheel shapes.

Baked muffins

Autumn Feast Muffins

These muffins use oats, apples and carrots, which are harvested in the autumn. They are juicy, fresh and great for a treat!

What you need to make rainbow toast

How to make Rainbow Toast

My son is more into science than art, which is great too. But, when I suggested painting on bread, his eyes lit up…painting and food, what a great combination!

Kid's cooking class

Tips for Cooking with Children

Cooking with children is good for them, they can learn so much… food, motor skills, following instructions, listening skills and safety just to mention a few.

Gingerbread House

A Gingerbread House for Shelter

I was contacted by the charity Shelter and asked if I’d like to enter a competition they are running to raise awareness of the charity, by making a gingerbread house, I was very excited!

Brad and soup

Bread and soup making with kids

Now that autumn appears to have truly hit us I like to start making some cosy winter warming recipes. What better way to start, than with some carrot and ginger soup with homemade bread.

Making rock road crunch bars

Rocky Road Crunch Bars Fun

Last week, we decided to cook together. We chose to make these Rocky Road crunch bars from Nigella. They were definitely right up BB’s street!

Chocolate cake mixing

Chocolate Cake Creations

This week, I baked a chocolate cake with BB (aged 6) and it was so noticeably easier than I remember before. He wanted to bake a chocolate cake with marshmallows, sprinkles and a cherry, to be precise.

Ingredients needed to make the wands

Edible Fairy and Wizard Wands

For our fairy and wizard week, I wanted to do something with food for a change, so I decided we could make some edible fairy and wizard wands. Here’s how…

Worms in mud pudding recipe

Worms in Mud Pudding

After a lovely day in the garden planting and worm hunting, what better way to end it, than to make these delicious worms in mud puddings?

Making the Easter lollipops

Easter Nest Cake Pops

I always like a challenge. I have never made cake pops before, but like the look of them, so not only did I challenge us to make some cake pops, but we made slightly more complicated ones…..Easter nest cake pops!

Egg Muffin Recipe

Egg Muffins

After blowing so many eggs for our egg decorating we needed to find a way to eat the eggs. We decided to have a go at my friends recipe for egg muffins…

Marzipan sweets

Marzipan Sweet Fun

Children love playdoh and they love cooking, so how about combining the two activities and make marzipan sweets? Here’s our marzipan fun…

Apple Crumble

A Family Apple Scrumble

We love a good old fashioned Sunday roast. So what better, than to get the whole family involved. Daddy cooked the roast, while I made an apple scrumble…

Eatwell Guide

Healthy Eating for All Ages

We all need to eat a good diet to keep us fuelled up with the energy we need for daily life, but what exactly is a healthy diet?

Baking utensils

Basic Equipment

All of our recipes tell you at the start what equipment and ingredients you need. Here’s some of the equipment we use most often in our recipes…

Potato peeler

Get Safe

Cooking is great fun but it’s vital to stay safe. Here’s our guide to safe techniques in the kitchen.

Pizza for one

Cooking for One

If you’re cooking for one, then be your own VIP. It’s the perfect opportunity to make your very own favourites or experiment with new flavours and techniques.