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  1. Hello I have an enquiry with regard to the Wilton Bunk Beds and John Lewis are unable to answer my question. The dimension diagram on the JL website shows that the lower bunk is 73cm and the upper bunk is 80cm. My question is does this mean if you separate the bunks into single beds that one bed will be higher than the other? Or do you supply different legs for one of the beds so that they can be attached when used as singles so that the beds are the same height? If you do supply additional legs (I hope that you do 😀) what height are the beds as separate single beds? Many thanks Pippa

    • Hi Janet. The Miami Fresh beds are all standard single size and take a regular 90 x 190 cm (3′ x 6’3″) mattress.

    • Hi Astreyah
      The bed takes a standard single 3ft mattress (90 x 190 cm) with an ideal depth of 14 – 16 cm.

  2. Hi. We bought the Little Home Victoria bedroom range for our eldest daughter a couple of years ago from John Lewis. We’re keen to now get the same for our youngest, but the bed seems to have been out of stock for a little while now. Please can you advise whether John Lewis should be getting further stock soon or whether this range has now been discontinued? Thank you! Lauren

    • Hi Lauren,
      Yes, the bed should be back in stock eventually. Since the furniture is made overseas, global shipping delays mean it is not possible to give any firm promise as to when this may be though.

      I would hold off buying other pieces in the range if you are wanting a matching set though since, in these difficult times, I can’t guarantee you anything.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Hi, when the top bunk is detached and both beds are stand alone are they the same height? Also when the top bunk is detached, can the side rails be removed? Many thanks

    • Hi Kirsty. I have requested details from Lloyd Pascal who make the bed and will update as soon as I get a reply.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Hi Kate, the Novara range is made from pine and MDF. Generally speaking, large panels such as wardrobe doors and side panels will be painted MDF and the frames, drawers etc will be solid pine.

      You will see some furniture ranges elsewhere described as solid wood which are actually MDF. Whilst this may be misleading it isn’t technically wrong.

      The Radley range is painted pine throughout.

    • Hi Linda, there is no weight limit specified for this bed although the usual spec for bunk beds/cabin beds is 75 – 100Kgs to comply with British & European safety standards. In the absence of specific details one should assume the lower limit of 75Kgs

  4. Do you sell under bed storage for the milo mid high cabin bed please if not do you know were I could get it from thank you

    • Hi Alfred, the Milo beds were discontinued some time ago so there isn’t going to be an unherbed storage unit available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Hello I got beds from very but I’m looking for Jackson 3 Piece Package – 2+2 Drawer Chest And 2 Drawer Bedside Chest without wardrobe if is possible please let me know

    • Hi Elisha, sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, the Jackson range is being discontinued and the only bedside cabinets available are being sold as part of a set. The reason for this is because there are only a few items left and it is not practical to sell individual pieces at this time as it would leave odd items remaining unsold.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help and best wishes.

    • Hi Danielle, the Jackson furniture was available from other retailers as well as Very but all sourced and delivered direct from the same supplier, so items not in stock at one outlet will be out of stock elsewhere.

      It was an extremally popular range but is now being discontinued I’m afraid.

  6. Hello. Can you clarify some dimensions for me? In your site the Peyton Cabin Bed is W194 × D97 × H94cm and on the very website the link takes you to shows Height 79.6, Width 194, Depth 96.8 cm…. Is the height 79.6 or 94cm? Thank you

    • Thanks for getting in touch Steve. The dimensions on the very site are correct and the height is 79.6 cm (or 80 cm rounded up).

      Sorry for the confusion and thanks again for spotting the error. Best wishes.

  7. Hello, do you know if the ladder on the Wilton Bunk Bed is flexible in that it can be put on either end of the bed? Eg on the left hand side or the right hand side? The photos on your website (and John Lewis) always show the ladder on the right hand side.

    • Hi Emma, afraid not, the fixings for the stairs and drawers are all on the left so it would not be possible to switch ends.

      Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes.

  8. I’d like to buy Wilton Bunk beds and want to know if I can see them anywhere? Will they be strong enough for adult guest beds too and when will they be in stock in John Lewis. I’d like white or grey. If not before Christmas perhaps you have an alternative design to offer? Thanks

    • Hi Geraldine, the Wilton Bunk Bed is expected to be back in stock in December. The range is currently not on display in stores and is an online option only. The beds are perfectly suitable for adult use if required.

      Best wishes

    • Hi Claire, at the moment there are only the odd few sets left and no individual pieces. It’s also unlikely the range will be restocked.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. Hi, Can we buy furniture directly from yourselves? We’d like to our chase a set of furniture for our daughter (Smalll double bed, side cabinet, 4+2 chest of draws and tall wardrobe. Unfortunately it is only available as of 12th October with Argos, and we would require it prior to the 9th. Thanks Trev

    • Hi Trevor, not sure what furniture you’re after but if it says it is available via Argos then that is where you can buy it. I appreciate that it not being available when you want it is not convenient but please understand there have been massive problems in the supply chain for the past 6 months. It is not in retailers interest to not have products available to sell and they are doing everything they can to address this.

      Sorry I could not be of more help. Best wishes

    • Hey Noelle, thanks for getting in touch. It’s unusual for a standard single bed to come with side rails although quite common with mid-sleepers and cabin beds. The Novara Mid Sleeper Bed is one such example.

      Toddler beds, however, do sometimes come with rails fitted. The Boris Toddler Bed has side rails and comes in an all-white or woodgrain finish.

      Hope that helps?

  10. I am looking to buy Miami Fresh High Sleeper in blue, however it appears it might be currently out of stock as I can not progress with the order. Could you please kindly advice if this is the case and if yes, will it be available for purchase soon?

    • Hi Ewa and thanks for getting in touch. The Miami range is currently out of stock across the board but will be back eventually. With current problems regarding supply and distribution I can not give you a fixed time for when this will be. It is likely not to be in the next few weeks though.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of further assistance. Best wishes.

    • Hi Claire, some items from the Aspen range are due to be restocked mid-July although I can’t confirm this will include the drawer chest. There are significant problems with supply and distribution at the moment and I’m sorry I can’t be more specific.

      Best wishes!

  11. RE: Jackson single storage bed Hi there, can you tell me if you can have the drawers on either side of the bed? I have limited space in the room and the drawers wouldn’t be useful if they can only be fit to the side shown in the picture. Kind regards Monica

    • Hi Monica, thanks for getting in touch.
      The drawers are not actually fixed to the frame so, yes, you can have them either side.
      Have a lovely evening.

    • Hi Viv, I am sorry, and somewhat embarrassed, to say we don’t yet have those dimensions either.

      If it is any help, the bed is a standard single size and will, typically, be around W210 × D100 × H110cm.

      * a standard single size mattress is 90 × 190 cm and mid-sleepers of this type are usually around 110 cm in height.

      Best wishes.

    • Hi Rosaleen, sorry to say we are still waiting for the exact dimensions. I have previously given out approximate measurements based on a typical bed of this style though.

      Approx. W210 × D100 × H110cm. The bed will take a standard sized single mattress of 90 x 190 cm.

      Best wishes.

  12. Hello. I have purchased kids metro high sleeper,but can not find information on maximum mattress depth for this bed. Could you please help me. thanks

  13. I was wondering if the tallboy pink chest of drawers is still being sold? I found one in a secondhand store and fell in love with it but unfortunately it was already sold. Kind regards, Phi

  14. Hey I recently brought the mia 4+2 drawers for my newborn daughter and I got someone to build them for me because I’m useless at it. The person who built them hasn’t built them properly. So I was wondering if you please could send me a manual/ instructions for them as £150 are quite expensive for me.

    • Hi Hannah, sorry to hear you’re having problems. Unfortunately, you’ll have to get in touch with argos for a copy of the assembly instructions.

      Best wishes.

    • Hi Jeanine, the bed is a standard single size so, yes, is perfectly suitable and strong enough for adult use.

  15. Hi, can you please tell me if the mia range is available anywhere else other than Argos? The wardrobe is out of stock and we can’t seem to find it anywhere. If not will it be coming back into stock anytime soon? 😊

    • Hi Kelly. The Mia range is exclusive to argos. Most items are in stock but they have not been delivering large items due to the Corona Virus guidelines but I think they are now resuming as near normal as possible?

      If the item you wanted is not showing as in stock I believe it will be in the next few weeks.

      Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes.

  16. Please can I order from your direct, as trying to do it with John Lewis and they are advising not available till August

    • Hi Sam, if the product you are after is listed as out of stock then it isn’t available. I appreciate the frustration but there are supply and logistic problems that will take some time to be resolved.

      Best wishes.

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