Novara Mid Sleeper Bed with Pull Out Desk

Kid's white-painted mis sleeper bed with a desk underneath
White-painted mid sleeper bed frame

Grey-painted mid-sleeper bed
Novara Mid Sleeper with Pull Out Desk (Grey)

When your child’s room is beginning to look cluttered a new bed may not seem like the obvious solution but a mid-sleeper style bed frame can free-up an awful lot of previously unused floor space.

The Novara Mid Sleeper, for instance, provides a single sized bed plus the added benefit of a space underneath to use as needed, be that for play, for storage or for study.

The addition of a slide-out desk also relieves of the need for a separate piece of study furniture. The desk also takes up not too much space below the bed either, even when stowed away. A pair of built-in open shelves are an added bonus!

The bed comes complete with a fixed wooden ladder, guard rails and slatted head and foot boards. The timeless design also ensures you won’t need to replace it any time soon.

Dimensions: W210 × D183 × H117cm

£259 plus £19.99 delivery from

Novara High Sleeper with Desk

The same style of bed is also available in high sleeper format which may be more suitable for older kids with improved headroom below. A full-width fixed desk may also be a benefit since, aside from affording more elbow room, also means they can leave stuff out and ready for next time.

White-painted high-sleeper with desk
Novara High Sleeper With Desk – White
Grey-painted high sleeper with desk
Novara High Sleeper with Desk (Grey)

Dimensions: W202 × D133 × H180cm

£319 plus £19.99 delivery from

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