Hercules High Sleeper Bed Frame

Natural and grey high sleeper with wardrobe and desk
Hercules High Sleeper Bed Frame, Natural
W96 × D196 × H173 cm
White high sleeper with desk and wardrobe
Hercules High Sleeper Bed Frame, White
W96 × D196 × H173 cm
Anthracite grey high sleeper
Hercules High Sleeper Bed Frame, Anthracite
W96 × D196 × H173 cm

As your child grows and starts to develop their own unique personality and sense of style, what better investment than a self-contained space which combines their bed with a small wardrobe, shelving unit, and their own desk and work and indulging in their hobbies? Read more…

The Hercules High Sleeper bed frame is available in a darker stained wood with black edges, a full black frame, or a pure white structure, and utilises the idea of a midi-bed while optimising the availability of space below.

Constructed in much the same way as a bunk bed, the ladder at one end and the mattress spanning the top bunk, the area underneath this bunk has been transformed into a compact bedroom with everything your child might need.

All this, without expanding the footprint beyond that of a standard bed.

The way that the space has been used is extremely well planned, with the desk cut along one corner with a triangular design, while the wardrobe uses the other corner to provide adequate space for all their favourite outfits.

An open fronted shelving unit juts out from under the desk, with the option to add your ideal desk chair based on the surrounding space and colour scheme of your room.

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