Grey fabric upholstered bed with pink detailing

Children's Beds

When it comes to children’s beds there are loads of great options to choose from, with pieces to suit all styles and décor schemes.

Classic single beds are ideal for smaller rooms, bunk beds are perfect for siblings or those who love having sleepovers, and combination beds offer a great storage solution and can help to keep your child’s bedroom tidy and organised.

From luxurious pink velvet panelled bunk beds to a funky, contemporary gaming bed, we have the perfect option for your child.

Pink and white bunk bed with drawers in base

Peyton Kid’s Beds

A kid’s bed range with built-in storage, available in white/grey and white/pink.

White and natural pine bunkbeds

Panama Bunk Bed

The Panama bunk bed collection combines neutral colours and natural material finishes with a straightforward bed frame.

Metl mid sleeper with pink end boards

Cyber Mid Sleeper & Bunk Bed

Metal framed beds with a grey-coloured finish, available with a choice of pink, green, blue & black head/foot boards.

Silver-coloured mid sleeper bed frame

Domino Bed Frames

Kid’s metal framed beds to suit every situation available in black, silver and white.

Pink fabric upholstered bed frame

Sol Bed Frames

Fabric upholstered bed frame with large-semi-circular headboard.

Grey midsleeper with drawers

Jude Midsleeper

Not just a trendy mid sleeper bed frame but also a storage solution that may eliminate the need for a separate chest of drawers.

Kid's bed with storage and pull-out hanging rail

Taylor Highsleeper

A smart high sleeper bed frame which incorporates a wealth of storage options including a pull-out wardrobe and a desk.

Blaze Gaming Bed

Blaze Gaming Bed

An incredible addition to any boys bedroom! The Blaze Gaming Bed is capable of storing all their consoles and gaming equipment with space to spare.

Black and red high sleeper bed

Black Gaming Bed Highsleeper

Combining a bed, desk, and plenty of storage space, this High Sleeper is an absolute must-have for any child that loves their computer games.

Pink velvet upholstered bed

Panelled Velvet Bunk Bed

Kid’s bunk bed with soft velvet-like fabric upholstery and painted metal fixed ladder, available in pink or grey.

Pixie slide bed

Pixie Slide Bed

A novelty children’s house-style mid sleeper bed with a fixed ladder and slide.

Black and white cabin bed with desk and storage

Matilda Cabin Bed

A trendy black & white cabin bed with built-in desk, storage drawers and shelving.

White-painted single bed with storage drawers

Stompa Single Beds

An updated design with panel-style head and foot board with hints of contemporary styling and a classic white-painted finish.

Stompa bunk bed

Stompa Bunk Beds

A range of white-painted bunk beds from Stompa, certifies to British Standards for child safety.

Kid's white single bed with bookcase-style headboard

Maine Bookcase Bed

Child’s single bed frame with an enclosed shelf within the headboard. Available with a white or grey painted finish.

Children's high sleeper bed with storage

Aurora High Sleeper

A contemporary high-sleeper bed with drawers, shelving a tall mirror, hanging rail and pull-out desk.