Habitat Odin Bed

Kid's pine finish single bed
Habitat Odin Platform Bed With Mattress – Pine
W93 × D200 × H41 cm
Kid's single white-painted bed frame
Habitat Odin Single Platform Bed Frame With Mattress- White
W93 × D200 × H41 cm
Kid's single twin stackable beds
Habitat Odin Stackable Bed Frame With 2 Kids Mattress -White
W97 × D214 × H50 cm
The Odin bed from the children’s Habitat furniture collection is the ultimate addition which ticks more than one box in your child’s room – not just providing them with a comfortable bed but also doubling as the ideal location for concealed storage. Read more…

Built on a platform level, the Odin bed has deliberately been designed with a large gap underneath the bed frame and mattress level – perfect for storing boxes and other possessions that you don’t need access to everyday.

The Odin collection takes this one step further by adding to its collection with an extra bed slotted into the gap underneath, still allowing sufficient room for some storage while balancing the empty space with a folded mattress and spare bed frame.

The ultimate in functional furnishings which do as much for the surrounding space and bedroom environment as they do for the comfort of the sleeper, this collection is all about bringing your child’s bedroom to life in a way that suits them, their space, and their preferences.

Available in a light natural wood or a clean white, these bed frames are stylish and incredibly minimalistic, with no headboard or base board to get in the way of your wallpaper or bedroom design scheme.

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