Paddington Beds

White painted mid sleeper with storage and desk
Paddington Mid Sleeper Bed Frame
W106 × D197 × H130 cm
White painted bunk bed
Paddington Bunk Bed
W99 × D197 × H162 cm

As your child outgrows their toddler bed and starts to need something bigger and more grown up, the market expands to encompass bunk beds, mid sleepers, classic singles, and more.
The collection of Paddington beds explores the benefits of beds with an elevated structural design, offering both a bunk bed option for multi-child households as well as a mid-height sleeper bed with space underneath for storage, play, or relaxation. Read more…

Boasting a clean and neutral white aesthetic across both frames, the bunk beds and mid sleeper bed have wide surrounding bars for optimum safety while sleeping at height and integrate a full-backed headboard and baseboard for sitting up in bed.

The bunk beds are connected by a ladder which is situated in the centre of the frame, while the mid sleeper is served by a single ladder and plenty of open space underneath the bed.

Add your choice of bed linen to elevate the design of the bunk beds, and additional soft furnishings and features to mid sleeper bed to create your child’s own area for relaxing and play.

Parents herald the rounded edges and corners across the frame for added safety, and also rate the space saving design of a bed which is located high above the ground.

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