Pluto Mid Sleeper

Dove grey painted mid sleeper bed frame
Pluto Mid-Sleeper Bed Frame, Dove Grey
W104 × D196 × H121 cm
White-painted mid-sleeper bed frame
Pluto Mid-Sleeper Bed Frame, Stone White
W104 × D196 × H121 cm
Dark grey painted mid sleeper bed frame
Pluto Mid-Sleeper Bed Frame, Anthracite
W104 × D196 × H121 cm
Optimising a child’s bedroom space can be tough, especially with so many toys and accessories that stay with them throughout their growing years even as they embrace and discover new hobbies and preferences.

Soon enough, underbed storage is no longer sufficient for all the irrelevant but still wanted toys, and you find yourself tripping over possessions on a daily basis. Read more…

The Pluto mid sleeper is one of those structure which sets the bed itself at a height akin to the top bunk, leaving the under-bed space open for storage, seating, relaxing, and creating their own little desk and quiet space.

Whether you dress it with a rug and storage boxes, or add blankets and a bean bag for comfort and relaxation, this under-bed space maximises the use of floor space taken up by the bed, and doubles up the area as both a bed and a storage solution.

The bed itself is structured so that access is both safe and easy, with a built-in ladder offset to one side.

The bed, which is available in grey, a soft creamy white, or a solid black, benefits from an elevated plank around the mattress to keep the sleeper safe, while the integrated shelves at either side of the under-bed space are perfect for alarm clocks, prized possessions, and favourite toys.

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