Stompa Beds

The mid and high-sleeper bed frames come in all white or white and grey. The modern design features smooth, rounded corners and child-friendly, ergonomic ladders with deep treads and cut-out grab handles.

Altogether, there are 19 options that include cube storage units with doors (in 5 different colours), wardrobes, chair beds, desks with storage shelves and even play tents.

Stompa Mid-Sleepers
Basic mid-sleeper with grey panels
Stompa Uno S Plus Mid-sleeper Bed Frame
The basic frame comes with a fixed, curved ladder and either white or grey panels. Plus lots of room underneath for your own storage solution.
W121 × D208 × H113cm
Mid-sleeper with cube storage, desk and drawers
Stompa Uno S Plus Mid-Sleeper with Pull-Out Desk, 3 Drawer Chest and 2 Door Cube Unit
At the other end of the scale, the same frame incorporates a 4-cube storage unit, pull-out desk and 3-drawer chest – all contained within the same footprint.
W121 × D208 × H113cm
White mid-sleeper with stars print tent curtains
Stompa Uno S Plus Mid-Sleeper Bed with White Headboard and Star Print Tent
This bed includes star printed drapes to make a play tent, available in aqua, grey, blue or pink.
W125 × D208 × H113cm
Stompa High-Sleepers
White-painted high sleeper with grey panels
Stompa Uno S Plus High-Sleeper Bed Frame
Ideal for older kids with room underneath to stand up.
W121 × D208 × H178cm
High-sleeper bed with chair bed and storage unit
Stompa Uno S Plus High-Sleeper with Cube Unit and Chair Bed
The high-sleeper bed frame also facilitates a number of options. This example has a corner chair-bed with cushions plus a 4-cube unit.
W125 × D197 × H109cm
Stompa Bunk Bed
White-painted bunk bed with pullout guest bed
Stompa Originals Multi Bunk Bed with Trundle
A contemporary sleeping space for two with the addition of a pull-out guest bed for occasional visitors.
W105 × D208 × H161cm

The Stompa range includes 19 different bed options as well as matching storage units, furniture and accessories.

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