Stompa Classic Kids Starter Bed

Is the big search for your child’s first proper bed getting you down? From finding something safe but comfortable to ensuring that your child has sufficient room to grow, all the way through to identifying and selecting something which is effortlessly stylish and aesthetically pleasing, the market for children’s beds often overlooks the needs of children who are transitioning out of cots and toddler beds. Until now. READ MORE…

The Stompa classic kids starter bed is built with a surround frame which circles the mattress, leaving a gap for your child to climb in and out of.

Deliberately situated towards the base of the bed, this gap boasts a rounded edge to prevent them from injuring themselves on sharp edges and makes access to and from bed really easy for your child even without your help.

Not to mention, the adjustable length means that this bed really will grow with your child.

The aesthetic appearance and presentation of the bed is also simple but effective, with a panelling effect playing seamlessly into the modern affinity for textured finishes – and the neutral colour palette making this bed easy to dress up with colourful bed sheets and cushions.

W183 × D86 × H81 cm

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