Flair Sofie Slide Mid- Sleeper Bed Frame

White midsleeper with slide
Flair Sofie Slide Mid- Sleeper Bed Frame, White
W204 × D206 × H114 cm
Grey midsleeper with slide
Flair Sofie Slide Mid- Sleeper Bed Frame, Grey
W204 × D206 × H114 cm

Who said bed time has to be boring? The Flair Sofie mid sleeper bed frame with integrated slide is the ultimate bedroom accessory, offering a handful of storage shelves located behind the slide which carries the user from their bed down into the centre of their room with ease. Read more…

From a safety and user point of view, the slide is angled away from the bed frame itself so as to avoid injury – with parents urged to place a soft and thick pile rug at the base to soften the landing.

The top of the slide is surrounded with a sturdy frame to ensure there is minimal risk of falls and other injuries, while the supporting elements all hold the slide firmly in place.
The perfect bed to add excitement and lively energy to the start of every day, this is a solution which will make even the idea of waking up for school more enticing.

With a white or grey frame available, children can add their own personality to their mid sleeper bed through displayed possessions and bed linen, while retaining the modern and minimalist aesthetic of a monochromatically coloured bed frame.

A great way to add a little inspiration and imagination to bedtime.

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