Wren Bunk Bed with Storage

Offset design bunk bed with drawers and wardrobe built-in
W263 × D107 × H147 cm
Two-tone finish bunk bed with combined wardrobe and drawers
A pair of split-level single beds with a pair of drawers in the base and a wardrobe underneath the top bunk
Pair of drawers in the base with woodgrain finish
A pair of drawers in the base help maximise storage underneath the bed frame

The ultimate self-contained kids’ bedroom, the Wren bunk bed not only offers storage as part of the overall structure and design but it integrates that storage into the main body of the bed – creating a modern structure which is functional and incredibly compact. Read more…

You will notice that the two levels of the bed are offset against each other, with the top level sitting against the wall to one side and from the head downwards, while the bottom bunk is displaced by the presence of a wardrobe at the head of the bed structure.

This means that the ladder to access the top bunk cuts down the centre of the bottom bunk, acting as a barrier to those concerned about rolling out of bed, and further segmenting the design to suit an abstract and modern finish.

Using a combination of white and wood effect finished surfaces, with contrasting U-shaped handles across each of the drawers and the wardrobe doors, every inch of this bunk bed structure is functional and has a purpose.

And let’s be honest, what better way to instil a little of the importance of cleaning and tidying, than by giving your kids their own self-contained space to keep organised and tidy?

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