Playhouse Bed

White-painted playhouse-style children's bed
White Playhouse Bed
W199 × D98 × H65 cm
Playhouse bed with trundle drawer

Bedtime doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you have the power to turn a bed frame into the perfect home, a picturesque palace, a cottage in the woods, or a little beach hut by the sea. Read more…

The simple and minimalist design of this bed frame, which boasts all the makings of a playhouse, means that your children’s imaginations can run wild – turning this structure into whatever they want it to be.

The bed itself is built into the main frame, with the mattress set in for optimum stability and security around all four edges.

The playhouse sits above the bed, with the head-end completely open with just the edges of the frame visible, while the base end of the bed presents an entire playhouse structure with added window and shelving.

In addition to the engaging frame which transforms this bed into whatever you want it to be, the designers have considered and paid attention to the modern need for storage – infusing this modern white frame with a large drawer along the base of the bed which neatly slots in under the mattress.

This is perfect for everything from clothes to toys and more, ensuring that the bed is as functional as it is playful.

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