Woodland House Bed

Grey and white house-style bed
Flair Woodland House Child Compliant Bed Frame With Trundle
W201 × D94 × H174 cm
House-style bed with trundle drawer
The Woodland House Bed Frame comes complete with a pull-out trundle drawer in the base

A bed doesn’t have to be elevated from the ground or infused with colourful patterns and materials to stand out and present an exciting aesthetic.

The Woodland House bed uses a monochromatic and modern colour palette, and a low-set bed frame, to transform a standard child’s bed into their own little cottage – complete with built in window and a slanted roof for authenticity. Read more…

Whether your child is obsessed with playing house or loves the idea of having their own little space to personalise and call their own, this woodland house bed infuses a little bit of extra privacy into their bedroom, with the benefit of a second pull-out bed integrated into the frame’s base for when friends come to stay.

With the woodland house wall and window built into one end of the bed frame, the majority of the bed is open for easy access – with the exposed roof frame above creating the perfect place from which to hang fairy lights, bedroom accessories, or their favourite cuddly toys.

By transforming a standard bed into their own indoor play house, this is a bed frame which effortlessly invites imagination into their own space and into their everyday routine – not to mention it elevates even the simplest of bedroom designs.

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