Boori Forest Teepee Loft Single Bedstead

Kid's mid-sleeper with a pitched roof
Boori Forest Teepee Loft Single Bedstead
W141 × D212 × H215 cm
Kid's loft bed with canopy
Boori Forest Teepee Loft Single Bedstead with Canopy
W141 × D212 × H215 cm
Bring some imagination to bedtime with a Boori Forest Teepee-style bed frame – complete with elevated structure, an angled ladder for ease of access, and a tent shaped structure above the bed. Read more…

Set as a midi bed, not only does this bed provide an immersive and fun experience for your child, but it also creates some extra storage space in their room underneath the bed – perfect for storing extra bedding, books, and toy storage boxes.

The frame itself is modern and boasts a simple, minimalist design – crafted entirely from a pale wood which is both strong and versatile in its presentation.

The slats which surround the mattress are ideal for support and make up part of the overall design which mimics a tee-pee style house.

The angled roof frame is the standout feature of this bed frame and really brings the creative and imaginative structure to life.

Add your own personal pop of colour and vibrance with bunting, fairy lights, and other accessories hung from and wrapped around the timber slats – or keep the frame simple for a clean finish.

Whichever way you decide to integrate this bed frame into your child’s room, it will soon become the ultimate play space and make bedtime more engaging and playful than ever before.

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