Boori Natty Bedside Bed

Blue/oak toddler bed
Boori Natty Bedside Bed – Blue
W90 × D167 × H68 cm
Oak/almond toddler bed
Boori Natty Bedside Bed – Almond
W90 × D167 × H68 cm
Oak/cherry toddler bed
Boori Natty Bedside Bed – Cherry
W90 × D167 × H68 cm
As you baby grows, transitioning out of their cot and into a toddler bed, there are certain things that you need to consider in terms of space and safety, as well as proximity to you during the night. Read more…

This bedside bed is designed to sit alongside your bed, with a low frame surrounding the majority of the mattress to keep the smaller bed contained and safe for your child.

An opening at one end allows easy access, with the angled legs and block colour head and baseboards lending themselves to a clean and modern aesthetic.

In terms of design, this bedside bed is the perfect addition to your home as it prioritises style as well as comfort and convenience, and ticks all of the boxes for a family looking to upgrade their baby from cot to toddler bed seamlessly.

The bed frame is incredibly well made and durable, while the bars and solid boards at either end are all in place to keep your child safe while they sleep.

This bedside bed is available in a range of finishes, from an almond neutral colour palette to pastel pink or blue – depending on the style of your bedroom and your ideal look.

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