Dividing and Decorating a Shared Bedroom

Shared bedroom with 2 beds

Sharing a bedroom needn’t be an unpleasant experience for children – there are plenty of ways to make the bedroom fun, functional and private for all concerned.

If you’re thinking of dividing and decorating a shared children’s bedroom, then here are some ideas and inspiration to get you started!

In an ideal world, all your children may well have bedrooms of their own and space to retreat to for doing homework or reading.

In reality, however, many children have to share bedrooms with their siblings, simply due to space restrictions in homes.

But sharing a bedroom needn’t be a bad thing and, just because a room is shared, it doesn’t mean you don’t get your own private space.

Dividing a Shared Bedroom

One of the best ways of ensuring that room sharers both get an equal amount of space and that everything is organised fairly is to divide the room up. There are various ways of doing this, depending on the space you have available.

For example, there are lots of excellent room divider products available that you can put up to form divisions, add privacy or create study areas in a room.

Room dividers come in various styles, designs and prices, with some being solid wood and others made of fretted wood, so that you still get some light coming through.

In the case of smaller spaces, the latter option is good, as it helps prevents the area of the room behind the screen from becoming too dark.

Screens are also useful as many fold back, so you can always open them up again when you don’t want them in use. Or, if you don’t want the full length of a screen in use, you can just have a section of it open, to divide a small section of the room.

In the case of a large room, you could go as far as to put a partial stud wall in the middle of it, to divide the room into two, whilst still sharing a doorway.

The important thing is to ensure all the room sharers have an equal amount of space – and that includes wardrobe space, bookshelves, desk space and relaxation space.

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Decorating a Shared Bedroom

If you’ve got two or more children sharing a bedroom, then the easy option is to have one colour and decoration scheme to suit everyone.

This is relatively easily achieved if your children are similar in age, both the same sex or have similar tastes, but can get trickier when mixed age children or kids with vastly different likes and dislikes are sharing a room.

If it seems feasible, then you could try having the walls painted in a plain colour, then either side of the room decorated in the choice of colour or design of each child. It might look a bit mismatched to you, but for them, it can make all the difference to have their own choice of decoration in their own space.

Depending on their age, growing kids are often starting to experiment with their own style and interests and having somewhere to express themselves is beneficial.

In addition, a shared section of a room can be made more personal and unique through the use of specially selected accessories, furniture, decorations or ornaments.

So even if you don’t have a budget available for decorating the room, simple enhancements can be made through carefully selected furnishings and fixtures.

Get your kids involved in choosing their own accessories, or making them, and let them choose how to use the pieces in their room.

Above all, it is their shared bedroom and should be a space that they feel happy, contented and at home using, as well as being somewhere to relax, play games and entertain their friends.

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