Novara Bunk Bed

White-painted bunk bed
Dark grey-painted bunk bed

The benefits of a bunk bed for a shared room are well proven. And, for a single room, they can also be useful for sleepovers. So, on that score, your mind is already set.

Now, what kind of bunk bed, and how much to pay, can be a minefield but a few basic considerations will help you arrive at your final choice…

Solid wood frames are ideal because, over the long-term, they last a lot longer and, everyday, tend to be more solid and sturdy than the alternatives.

A bunk bed that can be split into a pair of singles is also a huge benefit because they will want to graduate to a single bed at some point and this will save the extra expense.

You also want a bed that’s going to blend with your existing decor too. Yes, a plain pine bed can work but a painted frame can be better. White if you want to add a feeling of space and dark grey if you want to make a small concession to latest trends.

The Novara bunk bed ticks all the boxes in regards to all these points. Available in white or grey, featuring a nifty fixed access ladder and slatted head/foot boards, and just a hint of modern styling too.

Dimensions: W200 × D101 × H149 cm

From £329 plus delivery

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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