A bushy tailed red squirrel

Can You Be A Nature Detective?

Now that the spring weather is getting warmer and the days are longer there is a lot of activity in the natural world. The birds are beginning to sing again and squirrels will be digging for buried nuts and seeds …

B&Q DIY Classes

Kid’s DIY Classes

B&Q are running courses in-store aimed at giving young kids some basic DIY skills. Children are let loose with saws, hammers and drills to make their own bird feeders, mug trees and key holders.

Child with painted hands

Free Activities For Kids

Keeping the kids entertained over the holidays needn’t cost an arm and a leg, or your sanity! Here’s a few ideas that won’t cost you a penny.

Fairy houses

Book Folding Fairy House

Finding new crafts is always a delight, so when Nana suggested a book folding fairy house craft, we simply couldn’t resist!

Tick box list

Our Summer Bucket List

Now the summer holidays are looming and I am thinking about 6 whole weeks of keeping children entertained, so I decided to make a summer bucket list for the holidays

Doily Christmas Cards

I created these doily Christmas trees, which could be made by grown ups or by slightly older children who are good at folding paper. They are actually very simple

Kids in the pool wearing sunglasses

Summer of Fun

42 days of summer can seem quite daunting, so here’s a few tips for having a wonderful summer of fun…


Minions Water Shooting Game

We recently saw the new minions movie, now everything is minion themed, so what better way to extend the fun than to make a game.

Making a Rain Gauge

This week I decided to embrace the weather and make a rain gauge so we can talk about the weather together and measure the rain fall.

20 Things To Do on a Walk

Walking is a wonderful activity to do together as a family all year round. However, I know children can sometimes find it boring, so here are my suggestions for things to do on a walk with your children.

Flying kites

100 Summer Activities

The summer holidays are the ideal opportunity for having fun and making memories. Here are 100 screen free activities for a summer of fun!

Matchbox nature

Matchbox Nature Hunt

I love the colours, the freshness and crispness this time of year has to offer. What better way to engage with it than to go on a nature hunt.


Christmas Lanterns

In the autumn, we loved making some halloween lanterns which they turned out so well, I thought we’d have a go at making some christmas ones.

Bubble snakes

How to make bubble snakes

I have seen many people make bubble snakes on pinterest for some time now, so considering our love for bubbles, I thought it was about time we had a try.

Fish windsocks hanging from a tree

Fishy windsock fun

My mum prepared a fun activity to make a fish windsock. We all had fun sticking the eyes on our fish and then glueing the scales on to make them look good.

Kids at play

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

We were in the New Forest last week and spent a lot of time outdoors. We visited a wildlife park, saw lots of animals, climbed on the climbing frames, dug in the sandpit and had a great time

Girl playing on the beach

Beach Fun

Kids love the beach, so when we got the opportunity to spend a day at the beach last week, we grabbed the chance

2 ladybugs

How to make a bug adventure

For their birthday, my kids were given a bug hunting kit each. You can easily make up your own kit for your little ones to enjoy a bug hunt…

Musical Letters

Musical letters is such a fantastic game. It provides exercise, dance, music, fun and learning all in one!

Dinosaur Ice Break

Create a fun activity, like our dinosaur ice break and the children will be eager to get out for some fresh air, especially on a bitterly cold day!

Kids party venue

Children’s Birthday Party Venues

Some parents are capable of organising the most spectacular birthday parties … For the rest of us, there’s organised birthday party venues…

Kid watching TV

A Screen-Free Day

I am proposing a ‘screen-free’ day on January 19th 2014 in order to get kids away from their TVs and computers….

Rice Krispy Monsters

Ten Monster Activities

Most children talk about, imagine and play with monsters at some point, so I thought this would be a good theme to inspire children’s imaginations. You can get very creative with the monsters theme.


Lego Challenge

I wanted to spark some imagination and creativity in my children, so I set them a Lego challenge one rainy day.

Sea shells

Simple Shell Crafting

Last week I found a big stash of shells so gave them to the children with a selection of crafting supplies, to see what they would come up with.

Fishy races game

Fishy Races

We were thinking about about making an indoor game where we could have a healthy family competition and race, hence, we came up with ‘fishy races’.

Printing the apron

Fathers Day Apron

For a change this year we decided to make Dad a Father’s Day apron and this how we got on…

Easter Skittles

Homemade Easter Skittles Game

As it’s nearly easter, we thought it would be ok to start on some easter activities, so this week we made Easter skittles.

Mermaid dolls

How to Make Mermaid Peg Dolls

Lots of little girls love mermaids, my two certainly do. So when we suggested making mermaid peg dolls, my two girls couldn’t wait to get started…

Making dough

Salt Dough Creativity

For a change from the usual baking activities I suggested we have a go with salt dough, and here’s what the children got up to…

Kids Musical Activities

To make it different from the usual musical play they always do, I suggested we make some instruments ourselves, so we made a shaker and straw panpipes.