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Last week I read a post, linked into my Let kids be kids linky, over at 92three30, by the lovely Erica Hughes. It was a reading challenge. It really inspired me to do something similar for BB.

Reading together

We love christmas and all the build up to it, but sometimes it can get a bit much and by the time christmas comes, the children are all very hyped up. So, I thought, how about setting a reading challenge for BB to complete through December. It may give us something else to focus on aside from Christmas.

I wrote out a list of things for BB to read/do before christmas and if he completes it, he will get a prize. I thought, I would take him to a book shop and let him choose a book to buy.

Here’s the reading challenge…..

  1. Read a christmas book
  2. Read the nativity story
  3. Read a leaflet
  4. Read the back of a cereal packet
  5. Visit the library
  6. Read a non-fiction book
  7. Read the blurb from a book you’ve not read
  8. Read a magazine
  9. Read a poem
  10. Read some road signs
  11. Read some signs in shop windows
  12. Read a book aloud to a sibling (or other child)
  13. Tell an adult about your favourite book
  14. Read a comic
  15. Read the instructions from a game

As BB is only 5 and a half, he will need help with these, but I think that is all part of it.

I then thought, how about getting some of his friends involved, so I asked his two best friends, if they fancied joining in and both have happily accepted the challenge.

Next, I wanted to make the challenge visual too (as they’re only 5), so I set about painting three christmas trees. I then cut out 15 circles (for each) of coloured paper and wrote each challenge on one. When a challenge is complete, BB can stick the circle on his xmas tree like a bauble and see how well he is doing.

I am really excited about this, as I can see BB is very keen and his friends are also getting excited about it. This morning BB got up and said “it’s December, that means I can start my challenge”, then immediately grabbed a book (a new book) and sat and read it to his sisters.

It was so lovely to watch! I really hope it continues and he completes it. I am not going to push him to do it, as it is supposed to be fun, I am hoping he will continue to want to.

Thank you very much Erica Hughes for this idea (and some of the challenges).

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  1. I read that post, too, and thought it was a brilliant idea. Boo can’t read yet, but when she can. we’ll get onto it! Hope your challenge goes down well x

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