Children’s Birthday Party Venues

Some parents are capable of organising the most spectacular and successful birthday parties at home for their darlings and they seem to enjoy and relish every single minute of it.

For the rest of us, thankfully, there’s organised birthday party venues where you hand them over to a paid member of staff and let them get on with it!

Let Someone Else Have the Stress!

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I’d love more than to be able to have a group of screaming children high on bright green jelly, running amok through my home whilst I smile serenely and comment on how nice it is to let children be children.

I have two primary aged children myself and so I have done my fair share of birthday parties at home as well as paying for someone else to do them. I can honestly say, from experience, that until they are 9 years old, you really are better off having organised children’s birthdays, especially if they are boys.

I still have nightmares about the party I foolishly did at home for my 7 year old son and his friends; thinking they would sit still long enough to play simple party games was a huge mistake!

As they get older they are easier to deal with and much happier to invite just a couple of friends to have a movie night in or a pyjama party. I wouldn’t recommend sleepovers unless your bedroom is a few houses removed from theirs!

The main advantage of having an organised birthday party at a venue is just the sheer delight of having the whole stressful event taken from you and handled professionally! Whatever your child is into, whether they want a swimming party or merely to run around screaming and swinging like Tarzan into a ball pool; you can hire the appropriate venue for your child’s birthday party.

And if that doesn’t convince you alone, here are a few more reasons:

The more children you invite the cheaper it works out, so they really can invite the whole class!

Many venues also take care of the invites, party food and even party bags so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

There are so many different children’s party venues to choose from – climbing walls to cookery classes – that even the fussiest of children will find a venue that caters for their requirements.

The children are entertained non-stop for at least an hour and a half, making them and you very happy indeed!

An Affordable Option

The cost needn’t put you off either, with so much competition now to provide children’s party venues, costs have come down to affordable prices and if that’s still proving too much, why not team up with another mum to have a joint party?

They don’t stay young for long and pretty soon they’ll be recoiling in horror at the idea of a birthday party venue, preferring to hang out in their rooms with their selected best friends instead. So make the most of their childhood birthdays and whilst you are stress-free you can sit back and enjoy the day as much as they do!

For that reason alone, having an organised birthday party venue is priceless.

Suggested Venues

Climbing Centre Parties – for an original party idea let them burn-up all that energy at a local climbing centre.

Kid’s Cookery School – encourage their creativity with an organised cookery class and let someone else worry about the clearing up!

Legoland Party – an exclusive Lego themed party within private surroundings at Legoland in Windsor with access to the Legoland Park afterwards. You can also upgrade the package to include a children’s entertainer and a special meeting with the Lego Model makers.

Mad Science Parties – an interactive show at a range of locations with a scientific theme, featuring mad experiments and demonstrations – like a science lesson ought to be!