Beach Fun

Kids love the beach, so when we got the opportunity to spend a day at the beach last week, we grabbed the chance. Off we went, buckets and spades in hand to the beach.

Girl playing on the beach

In the morning, we went to the local stoney beach and decided to do something a bit different. We took paints. Pinky and Boo got straight onto painting stones. They painted a spider, a flower and lots of pretty patterns and colours. It was really lovely to paint outdoors in a beautiful setting in the fresh air, listening to the waves crash and the seagulls cry.

Next Boo decided to paint a picture. She painted the sea, the beach and the sun, then added several sea monsters! She was so proud of her picture, I had to take a photo!

BB loved throwing stones in the sea, then Pinky joined him and they experimented with what stones worked best. It was a lovely morning together.throwing stones on a beach

Stoney beaches are great, but you can’t beat a sandy beach for children to have fun on, so in the afternoon we decided to drive to a different beach.

We spent the afternoon digging, building sand castles, collecting buckets of water, jumping waves, burying feet, getting messy and getting very wet. The children adored their afternoon on the beach together, laughing, giggling, splashing, being creative in the sand and generally having fun together.

I think a day on the beach with children, no matter how warm it is (or not), is always a winner. The fun you can have is fantastic. There is so much you can do from traditional building of sand castles, throwing stones and jumping waves to having a go at some painting on the beach.

Why not give it a go, take the paints out with you and see what the children create?

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  1. As a beach lover I couldn’t agree more! Our six children – no matter the ages are always content at the beach to play and explore. I love the idea of painting the stones and pictures there as well. Thanks for linking up and sharing your beach time fun with Country Kids.

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