Summer of Fun

42 days of summer can seem quite daunting, so here’s a few tips for having a wonderful summer of fun…

Kids in the pool wearing sunglasses


  • Plan lots of activities and days out from craft, to outdoor play, to games , to picnics.
  • Use pinterest, it is my personal biggest sanity saver!
  • Write a summer bucket list of all the activities/places to visit you’d like to do/see. I love my bucket list as it means I always have ideas and inspiration up my sleeve, for all those rainy days and times when we are in desperate need of some boredom busters.
  • You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a good time, there are loads of free things to do.

Free Play

  • Allow plenty of time for free play, both with the kids and where the children can play on their own, it is good for them and allows parents some breathing space.
  • Have a few chill out days too.
  • Try not to over plan, or it can seem like the kids are still at school.

Encourage Helpfulness

  • Encourage the children to help out around the house, this assists you with the chores and also allows you, as a parent to spend more quality time with the kids.
  • Examples: washing the car together, cooking dinner, hanging out the washing. These are all things my children have been enjoying this summer. I’m sure there are loads your kids could help with, whilst having fun at the same time, depending on their age.

42 Ideas for Free Summer Fun

  1. Walks
  2. Nature walks
  3. Scavenger hunts (use pinterest to print off a hunt before you go)
  4. Parks
  5. Water play
  6. Bubbles
  7. Ball games
  8. Cycling
  9. Scooters
  10. Building dens
  11. Bug hunts
  12. Picnics
  13. Cooking
  14. Making potions
  15. Making pictures with nature
  16. Chalking
  17. Paddling pool
  18. Painting
  19. Ice play
  20. Tree climbing
  21. Splash about on a boat
  22. Playdoh
  23. Dancing
  24. Practice handstands, cart wheels, roll polys
  25. Rolling down a hill
  26. Muddy puddle jumping
  27. Splash/swim in the sea
  28. Beach play
  29. Go geocaching
  30. Craft with nature
  31. Do a reading challenge
  32. Fly a kite
  33. Board games
  34. Have a water fight
  35. Invite friends to play
  36. Make a teepee
  37. Do some simple science experiments
  38. Make a your own sports day
  39. Try some messy play with shaving foam
  40. Camp out for the night
  41. Stay up late one night for a spot of star gazing
  42. Keep a journal

This summer we have been having so much fun together as a family it’s difficult to include it all. We have been on the beach, splashing in the sea, splashing about in dinghy’s, crab fishing, making a waterfall wall, having paddling pool fun, riding bikes and scooters, going on walks, crafting, cooking and having many many picnics, just to name some of the fun!

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4 thoughts on “Summer of Fun”

  1. I love your free summer fun list. Geocaching is something which we had a go at for the first time, last week, but we found it so hard! we only found 2 out of the 5 caches before the kids were deflated. Definitely going to try to find a new route because I absolutely love the concept of it, getting outdoors and its free! x

  2. We’ve actually had a pretty laid back summer without too much organised for the boys and no proper holiday away. I was worried that the dreaded “B” word would loom upon us but to be honest it just hasn’t happened. But we are so lucky to have so much open space for the boys to explore and a regular supply of children staying in the gite to play with. Looks like you have fun though and a good balance of activities!

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