100 Summer Activities

The summer holidays are the ideal opportunity for having fun and making memories. However, it can also be a little daunting for parents, keeping children entertained for 6 whole weeks or more! Here are 100 screen free activities for a summer of fun!

Flying Kites
  1. Have a water fight
  2. Fly a kite
  3. Make bubble snakes
  4. Build sand castles
  5. Have messy fun with some clean goop
  6. Go to a pick your own farm
  7. Ride bikes
  8. Have a picnic, or teddy bears picnic
  9. Do some spaghetti art
  10. Do some outdoor chalking
  11. Build a den
  12. Make worms in mud pudding
  13. Get creative with play dough
  14. Wash the car or toys
  15. Go on a nature photography walk
  16. Roll down a hill
  17. Feed the ducks
  18. Make monster plant pots
  19. Dance in the rain
  20. Paint with water on the drive /patio
  21. Make fairy soup or wizardry potions
  22. Have a garden bug challenge
  23. Play tag
  24. Make wind chimes
  25. Splash in a paddling pool
  26. Roller skate
  27. Try salt painting
  28. Visit a farm
  29. Go on a scavenger hunt
  30. Have a pretend shop/cafe
  31. Play board games
  32. Go swimming
  33. Make ice lollies
  34. Go to a fete
  35. Make your own sports day
  36. Make shell pictures
  37. Go crab fishing
  38. Walk in the woods
  39. Make a waterfall wall
  40. Ball games
  41. Junk modelling
  42. Climb a tree
  43. Do some blindfold tasting
  44. Make up a treasure hunt
  45. Play pooh sticks
  46. Bath the dolls
  47. Write a story
  48. Dance to music
  49. Make soap monsters
  50. Make a fizzy science volcano
  51. Do some cleaning together
  52. Play hide and seek
  53. Make lemonade
  54. Bake cakes
  55. Do some face painting
  56. Make bird feeders
  57. Have a BBQ
  58. Pretend cooking
  59. Blow bubbles
  60. Read books
  61. Skipping
  62. Make mud pies
  63. Make daisy chains
  64. Do some bubble painting
  65. Have a snails race
  66. Create outdoor art with nature
  67. Bird watching
  68. Go geocaching
  69. Paint outdoors
  70. Collect and paint rocks
  71. Visit the library
  72. Play football
  73. Make paper pinwheels
  74. Put on a show
  75. Make a miniature garden
  76. Make and play balloon rockets
  77. Make pizza
  78. Potato printing
  79. Go to the local park
  80. Make some musical instruments to play
  81. Go camping
  82. Make a rain gauge
  83. Press flowers
  84. Make a collage
  85. Make nature rubbings
  86. Make a butterfly feeder
  87. Go crabbing
  88. Jump in waves
  89. Ride scooters
  90. Make your own marble run
  91. Cook dinner as a family
  92. Practice handstands and roly poly’s
  93. Play hopscotch
  94. Have a game of rounders
  95. Make shrinky dinks
  96. Play Lego
  97. Build your own cardboard box doll’s house
  98. Try Ice evacuation play
  99. Make an obstacle course
  100. Play with water balloons

Please feel free to print off this list of 100 screen free summer activities, keep it close by and you’ll have a summer full of fun, just like we did last year.

6 thoughts on “100 Summer Activities”

  1. A fabulous list! This should just about keep us going then! We still love making those soap monsters, thanks so much for sharing that idea.

  2. What a great list!! Love that there are things like rolling down a hill and bird watching. Sometimes these kind of activities get forgotten.

  3. brill ideas to keep the kids occupied. i hope we can do all of these and more over the (hopefully) hot summer holidays.

  4. I love it. I think I need to make a sorta holiday bucket list over the next week all ready for the holidays. Can’t believe its crept up so quickly.

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