Lego Challenge

There is something special about Lego, it is quite magical in its effect on people, both young and old. It has the ability to inspire amazing creativity in everyone. I wanted to spark even more imagination and creativity in my children, so I set them a Lego challenge one rainy day.

Lego Challenge

I asked my children individually to make a vehicle with four wheels and wings. They had ten minutes to make it.

All three got stuck straight into their creations. BB found it quite easy (aged 7) and built something quite elaborate in his 10 mins, whilst his 5 yr old sisters managed the challenge well, but obviously made a less elaborate vehicle.

It was absolutely fascinating watching them work, trying to figure out how they could achieve the goal, what needed to be done and how. They all enjoyed it so much, they asked for another challenge, so I asked them to make a building with a first floor and a chimney. I gave them half an hour for this one.

BB again built quite an imaginative design with stairs and all sorts, while the girls just about managed the building with a roof and chimney.

I think all of them did really well. It sparked something off in them and they continued with their buildings after the challenge had finished. BB’s turned into a whole building site with so much going on, I was really impressed.

Setting children a Lego challenge is a fantastic way to inspire creativity, imagination, teach problem solving skills and a bit of engineering too. It is great fun and we will definitely be doing more challenges in the winter months to come.

Here are a few more ideas for Lego challenges you could try…

  • Make a garden with a seating area.
  • Make a car.
  • Build a play park.
  • Make an animal.
  • Build a bridge.
  • Make a seaside scene.
  • Make something that flies.
  • Build a monster.
  • Make a fairyland.
  • Build a rocket.

Set the Lego challenge, then sit back and watch your children’s imagination at work. Challenges can be adapted for all ages, so little ones and older children can enjoy working side by side.

How do you play with Lego?

9 thoughts on “Lego Challenge”

  1. We have a huge box of lego and it always amazes me how creative my kids can be, especially my 7 year old daughter, she seriously could be a construction engineer!

    My mum has been known to keep some behind when the kids visit her and build things when she’s alone x

  2. I LOVE LEGO. This is such a great challenge. The first thing we did when we found out Evie was a girl during our final baby scan was go to toys r us. Both of us started dreaming up what toys she’d play with and the thing we both agreed on the most (and got excited about) was lego.

    I can’t wait till we can play with this. I used to build boats, houses and seaside themes when I was younger. Jamie used to build star wars stuff.

    I think we’re going to have lego wars in our house when Evie is old enough. xx #letkidsbekids

  3. Fantastic ideas. My daughter is too young for lego but loves duplo. Both myself and my husband love lego.

  4. What a great idea to set children a Lego challenge! Maybe when I’m a bit older I can try this out….or with Duplo now 😉

  5. Can’t beat a lego challenge! My husband has been collecting lego since before Adam was born. Just hope he likes Lego!

  6. I really like this idea. Ethan always want my help with pulling and clipping them on. But if I turned it into a challenge maybe he’ll be more willing to do on his own. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  7. I love the idea of a Lego challenge. Definitely going to be doing this on! My son is now shouting ‘Lego Challenge’!

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