Musical Letters

Ever since we tried playing musical letters several months back, my children have been asking to play it again, but I kept forgetting to make the letters up for them, until now, so here is our fun afternoon of dancing, music and learning.

Painted letters on coloured card

Musical letters is such a fantastic game. It provides exercise, dance, music, fun and learning all in one!

It is basically musical islands or musical bumps, only with letters.

  • First you need to write out letters on pieces of paper or card.
  • Place the letters around the floor for the children to dance around.
  • The music plays. When the music stops, shout out a letter and the children have to find and sit on that letter. What better way could there be to learn letters?
  • It is best to use easy letters first, then as the children learn, you can introduce more difficult letters like B and D.
  • You could also use this game for numbers instead of letters, or maybe sight words once they’ve got their letters sussed.
Playing musical letters

I highly recommend this game, my girls love playing it and are really starting to remember their letters now.

9 thoughts on “Musical Letters”

  1. That’s a great idea, I will give it a go, my eldest starts school in sept and can already recognise many letters (and a few words) so this will be fun learning for her without trying.

  2. What a great idea! A fun way of learning letter and numbers. You could even adapt it to colours for even younger kids!

  3. aww that looks so fun 🙂 can’t wait til the boys are big enough to play proper games! peekaboo is getting old 😉

  4. what a fabulous idea my boys are always running round in circles will be great to give them something to run too I will definitely be trying this

  5. Great idea! It would be difficult with the whole class, but I think I can do it in small groups and differentiate the game. Thanks

  6. So thankful I saw this on a cousin’s Facebook timeline. I am doing this in no time. Classes for school year 2014-2015 here in the Pilippines start June. Starting this tomorrow is just right in time! 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing this – I think this is what my boys needs to get him interested in learning his letters!

  8. What a brilliant idea, so simple but easy and we all know that children learn thru play. You could do this with numbers too, such a great idea. Thnx for sharing

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