Child's bedroom

Children’s Rooms Ideas

Of all the rooms that should be filled with creativity and character, it has to be a child’s bedroom or playroom.

Kid's easy access bookcase

Child Friendly Storage

A growing family means growing storage needs…. But you probably can’t afford to keep buying expensive storage units each time a child’s taste in toys changes…

Nautical themed bedroom

A Room They’ll Love

Children’s rooms lend themselves well to having a fun, imaginative or inspirational theme, and creating the idea isn’t as difficult or expensive as you think.

3 sets of bunk beds

Shared Bedrooms

It’s common practice for siblings to share a bedroom but this can cause problems, so here a few tips to get you started…

Stars painted ceiling

Latest Trends

What’s new and popular in the world of children’s rooms

Tins of paint

Colours for a Child’s Bedroom

Colour can have a big impact on mood and as many children spend more than half their time in their bedrooms. So, how do you choose a colour for a child’s bedroom?

Messy bedroom

Sorting The Kid’s Old Toys

Pre-children, we had a nice clean tidy house, then as soon as kids come along…..your life, house and its contents gets turned upside down…and there does come a time when you have to do something about it.

Child reading

Children’s Reading Nooks

Reading is considered beneficial towards a child’s development, but have you ever wondered why that is? And how can you create quiet space just for reading?