Children’s Rooms Ideas

Of all the rooms that should be filled with creativity and character, it has to be a child’s bedroom or playroom. Children spend a good amount of time in their own rooms and it should therefore be a fun, memorable space.

Child's bedroom

Children’s rooms should be safe, inspiring and functional. Creating a functional space involves an ideal solution for every activity carried out, i.e. sleeping, playing, reading or simply relaxing with friends.

Children are stimulated by bright colours. While painting the walls is a sure-fire way to introduce colour to a room, it is not the only way.

Colour can be introduced via soft furnishings like bedding and window treatments and also via accent furniture and décor.

This is a great way to reach a compromise on colour as children tend to prefer bright colours that may not necessarily go with your existing home interiors.

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Creating a room that grows with your child allows you the freedom to add and remove accents as you see fit.

For example not everyone likes the idea of themed wall paper, plus you may be looking at keeping your child in their room for a few years.

Brightly coloured and themed children’s furniture table & chairs are aesthetic, fun and functional.

Accent children’s furniture like the one in the picture will be loved by your child as they’ll regard it as “their very own chair”, so choose one that they can identify with.

Colour can also be introduced through fun children’s rugs. Rugs should be non-slip and safe, options include acrylic rugs; hard-wearing, soft and great for children with allergies and wool. Which is soft and natural.

Soft furnishings like window treatments and bedding can be made or purchased in coordinating fabrics.

There is a plethora of choices out there from traditional gingham and stripes, to plain white bedding with a coloured border.

Where possible choose 100% cotton for your bedding as that allows the skin to breathe.

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