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If you thought that the world of fashion was the only area dictated by trends, that is not the case. The world of interiors also has its own trends and fashions and each season starts with new ideas and colours for every room in the house. And children’s rooms are no exception…

So what’s new in the world of children’s rooms?

Starting with the all important topic of colour, pale, coordinated rooms seem to be a thing of the past.

There are now many ranges appealing to parents who like to create rooms with bold, contrasting colours along with furniture and accessories which contrast with the walls in a vibrant and fun way.

White & grey still has its place though…

It may seem counter intuitive to mention white & grey furniture when talking about colour but, for children’s rooms, there are obvious benefits.

Grey, as a bedroom colour, has the advantage of growing with your child and it can co-ordinate with so many other shades. White is also a popular choice as it adds a huge amount of light to the room making it feel light and spacious.

Soft grey colour scheme
A warm grey colour scheme with pale greens and a splash of vanilla |

The beauty of white is that you can really go to town with accessories and add a huge amount of colour with bold brights or pastel shades, as anything goes. White can also work well with a feature wall in a completely different colour and can also be the perfect back drop to wall stickers.


Wallpaper has made a dramatic comeback over recent years with bold and colourful designs to suit every taste. For a child’s bedroom there is a huge selection including patterns, comic strips, favourite characters from TV, film and so much more. And the beauty of wallpaper is that it can add real colour and texture to a room.

If you think that wallpaper might overwhelm the room and make it feel smaller, try papering just one wall as this can be an effective way of adding colour without it being overwhelming. You can also add in accessories which work with the feature wall, bringing the room together.

White wallpaper with bold print stars
White wallpaper with bold blue star prints

Wall Stickers

If wallpaper isn’t your thing but you don’t want plain walls then maybe a mural or stickers are the solution? With styles and sizes to suit your room or budget, you can adorn your child’s bedroom with maps, characters, poetry, numbers and more.

Easy to apply and extremely durable, these can be the perfect solution for bare walls and of course, when you want to remove them, they are easy to take down.

Don’t forget the ceiling…

You can also create a feeling of space by using the ceiling. Long gone are the plain white ceilings, now you can add bold patterns and even wallpaper to give children something to look up to and it can add a real touch of drama to the room.

Stars painted ceiling
A dark blue ceiling with white stars |

Choose a bed with a difference…

There are some amazing beds to choose from and they will not only make your child want to go to bed every single night but they will give a very modern feel to the bedroom.

Of course, you can go for a simple design with a frame and mattress but why go for something so simple when there are tepees, cars, caravans, tents and even buses to choose from?

And then there are the cabin beds with so many extra storage and furniture options beneath the bed. Or beds with canopies and curtains which can make bedtime truly magical.

Get sophisticated…

Sophistication is a concept that is catching on with parents of very young children. Whilst it is easy to go for nursery themes when you have a baby, more and more parents are opting for sophisticated colours and cleaner themes which don’t limit them to younger children.

That way the room can easily grow with the child simply by adding in new furniture and accessories when needed.

Modern colour scheme
A modern colour scheme for a shared bedroom |

Hiding places…

Creating a cosy nook for your little one to hide out and chill is easy to create with the many tents & teepees that are available.

Vintage floral print teepee
A teepee style play tent -the perfect hideaway.

If you have a small space that can be converted, you can do it yourself with some material and a string of fairy lights. This space is ideal for play, for relaxing or you could even add a small bookshelf and make it a special place to read.

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