Decorating a Child’s Bedroom

Girl with arms stretched beside her bunkbed

Your daughter wants flowers on the walls, fairies on the ceiling and a window seat covered in pink pastels. Your son wants footballs all round, constellations above the bed and a display case for his model airplanes.

No one ever said decorating a child’s bedroom would be easy! Thankfully with a few tips and tricks your child can have the room of his or her dreams and you won’t be left penniless and protesting.

Begin with the Basics

Above and beyond anything else, a child’s room must be functional. It will be no use to anyone when, with the finishing touches on the walls, the floors become covered in toys and clothes because there is no room to store them. Take stock of your child’s possessions, and you will probably find that you need to squeeze in:

  • A wardrobe
  • A bed
  • A desk and chair
  • A bookshelf
  • Storage for toys
  • Storage for out of season clothes and costumes.
  • An area to display projects and prizes from school

Design with a Purpose

Before you bring your child into the discussion, think about if there is a design method or purpose that you are committed to. Many parents feel strongly about:

  • Feng shui
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable materials
  • Safe window treatments and flame retardant materials
  • Carpeted versus hardwood floors
  • Wallpaper versus paint on the walls
  • Buying furniture in matched sets

Involve the Kids

When you know your own ground rules, invite your children to share their thoughts on their dream rooms. From the outset remind your children that you will not be able to deliver everything they ask for, but that you are sure you can reach a satisfying compromise. Ask your children about:

  • Their favourite colours.
  • Their favourite pastimes.
  • Their favourite objects.
  • Which one item they would like in their room more than anything else.

DIY Painting

Decorating Advice

Looking for some painting advice or decorating tips?

Select a Theme

Kids are usually very agreeable to a themed bedroom, and this makes it easier for parents who can look for matched sets and colours without worry. If your child seems stuck for ideas, suggest a few of the following:

Organise Your Materials

Often, an entire themed room can hinge on just a few pertinent details. Don’t worry about a big expenditure, because with the right shades of carpet, duvet and curtains, all that is left are a few small touches. The theme of a room really shines through in:

  • Wallpaper or borders
  • Wall paintings or murals
  • Stencils
  • Posters or framed prints
  • Suncatchers or prisms

One of the greatest challenges in decorating a child’s room is that the room will need to grow with your child. Investing in classic furniture is a good way to get value for money, and avoiding any current fads (such as cartoon or movie characters) is a smart bet too.

But remember, even if your child just has to have Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends on the wall, it can all be covered over in just a few strokes of paint later on. Good luck, and have fun!

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