3D Art Frames

When the kids return from school or playgroup with their latest creation you’ll want to display it for all to see. But kids use materials in their artwork which are not always flat, and this is going to be problem if you want to use a traditional frame.

Regular frames are not designed with children’s artwork in mind. Inserting photos and drawings is difficult to get right, even for an adult, never mind anything which isn’t entirely flat. And, for their proudest works, the fridge door isn’t always the ideal solution. Children can also be fickle creatures and they’ll often want to change things around.

One piece art frames with a slot in the side

The Articulate Gallery produce a range of art frames with a slot in the side so pictures can be inserted and swapped by kids to their heart’s content.

A4 frame
Articulate Gallery A4 Single Frame
Single white MDF frame measuring 280 x 380 x 40mm
(available from amazon.co.uk)
Art frame with 2 sections
Articulate Gallery A4 Double Frame
Double format frame for displaying images side by side, or one above the other, measuring 490 x 380 x 40mm
(available from amazon.co.uk)
3-section Art Frame
Articulate Gallery A4 Triple Picture Frame
The triple format gallery is the best-selling frame measuring 710 x 380 x 40mm
(available from amazon.co.uk)
A3 art frame
Articulate Gallery A3 Single Picture Frame
For the budding artist for whom the standard A4 is just not big enough to showcase his or her talent.
Measures: 490 x 380 x 40mm
(available from amazon.co.uk)
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