Floral bedding with a flower shaped cushion

Folk Floral Children’s Range

A playful range packed full of colour, which combines floral designs with a polka dot pattern in pieces which fill a child’s bedroom.

Diamond pattern bedding set

Carnival Children’s Bedroom Range

A selection of bedroom furnishings which uses the bold colours and shapes of a carnival setting. Ignite imaginations and bring excitement to little ones’ bedtime.

Transport themed bedroom range

Just Keep Trucking Range

The perfect bedroom furnishings range for a truck-mad or car-mad child – complete with colourful trucks to cover their bed, the walls, and even the curtains.

Space rocket themed bedroom

little home Outer Space Rockets Theme

A complete bedroom collection built on an outer space theme, sending them off to sleep with dreams of space adventures and rocket ships. Immersive design at its finest!

Small stars wallpaper

Stars Wallpaper

Bold stars are all the rage at the moment and there seem to be as many options as there are stars in the sky?

Children's art frames

3D Art Frames

Kid’s art display frames with a slot in the side so they can change their favourite artwork to display whenever the mood takes them.