Stars Wallpaper

For a feature wall, you want to make a statement with strong colours and patterns. Bold stars are all the rage at the moment and there seem to be as many options as there are stars in the sky? These are some of the most popular options for kid’s rooms.

Silver stars on white wallpaper
Superfresco Easy Superstar Silver Wallpaper
Large silver stars on a clean white background with polka-dot and stripe patterns.
£15 plus delivery from
Black and grey star pattern wallpaper
Superfresco Easy Superstar Black WallpaperA bold black and grey star pattern on a white background.
£15 plus delivery from
Ki'ds white star wallpaper on a grey background
Twinkle Wallpaper, Grey
Two-tone grey paper with a random white stars pattern.
£25 from
Blue/white star pattern wallpaper
Galerie Stars Paste the Wall Wallpaper
Easy-hang star pattern paper available in 11 different colourways.
£31.95 from
Blue wallpaper with blue and red star pattern
Jane Churchill Superstar Wallpaper
A pattern of large and small stars in 4 colourways.
£56 from
Pink and white star wallpaper with glitter
Diamond Stars Blush Pink Glitter Wallpaper
Pink wallpaper with a bold white glitter stars pattern.
Available from
Dark navy wallpaper with gold coloured stars pattern
Fine Decor Stars Navy Wallpaper
A dark navy-coloured wallpaper with realistic gold stars pattern.
Available from