Popular Kid’s Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper can have a dramatic effect to the appearance of a kid’s bedroom and it’s the easiest way of creating a theme. You’re not stuck for choice and it also means you don’t have to agonise over choosing paint colours that look great on a colour card but don’t work that well in-situ.

Wallpaper can be expensive but you don’t have to paper all the walls, a feature wall can be just as effective and you’ll only need to buy a couple of rolls, three at most. Doing it this way also avoids the problem of repetitive patterns becoming too busy or overbearing.

Repeat patterns featuring football emblems, Disney characters and the like are still very popular with youngsters, and probably always will be. But if you are determined to break away from the norm there still plenty of options. Slightly older kids and teens will also appreciate something a bit more original.

Below is a selection of what’s currently popular in the world of children’s wallpaper.

Fingerprint Dots Wallpaper
Scion Lots Of Dots Wallpaper
A pattern of random finger-painted spots in various colours. Simple but quite effective.
£37 from johnlewis.com
Rain cloud pattern wallpaper
Scion April Showers Wallpaper
Grey clouds with colourful raindrops.
£37 from johnlewis.com
Vintage-style Disney Wallpaper
Mickey & Minnie Sketch Wallpaper
Vintage-style sketch drawings of Disney’s Mickey and Minnie.
£17.99 plus delivery from very.co.uk
Marvel comics design wallpaper
Marvel Comics Action Heroes Wallpaper
a theme idea that’s stood the test of time and as fashionable today as it ever was. This comic book cover design is one of several that exploits the retro appeal of action heroes. A stunning feature wall idea that doesn’t need much in the way of accessories to bring it to life.
(available from amazon.co.uk)
Pirates theme wallpaper
Sanderson Treasure Map Wallpaper
A combination of a pirate’s treasure map and a world atlas, so fun but educational too. There are new discoveries to made with every look and they’ll never get bored of it.
Available in 3 colourways: neutral, vanilla and sea blue.
£58 from johnlewis.com
Girl's wallpaper with fairies and castles
Sanderson Fairy Castle Wallpaper
A magical world of fairies at play against a backdrop of a fairytale castles. Available in pink, vanilla and blue.
£52 from johnlewis.com
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