Invest in your child’s education and buy a desk

Recent research carried out in Croatia has found that having a desk to work at can be just as important in a child’s education as having parents with high aspirations, and being happy at school.

During the study, 1050 students between the ages of 13 and 15 were asked a series of questions about both their school and their home life, including whether they have their own room with a desk and a computer. Their answers were then used to work out if these factors have an impact on their grades and their willingness to go on to complete further education.

Not only a vital piece of furniture but an investment too…

It was found that children who have their own desk are more likely to want to continue their education after school, making this vital piece of furniture an investment rather than an afterthought. This was even shown as being more important than the school the child attends, or how many pupils are in their class.

When it comes to buying furniture for a child’s room, a bed and some useful storage options are often the first things you’d think to buy. However, after this research it seems that a desk should be one of your main considerations.

What kind of desk is best for a child?

There are lots of different types of desk that you can buy, although if there is the possibility of fitting a full-sized option into the room this is definitely advisable.

Kid's white painted desk
This white Scandi-style desk and chair set is a good all-round option but bear in mind that desks designed specifically for children may not be the best option?

A full-sized desk will be useful to a child as they grow, whereas smaller options, such as those which fit under a bunk bed, can start to feel claustrophobic very quickly. These smaller desks can also be quite flimsy, meaning that you might need to spend money repairing them down the line.

Desk space under the bed
The Max High Sleeper Bed with Desk looks like a good deal, not only do you get a desk space but also a fair bit of storage as well. The study space underneath the bed looks a bit cramped though and is only really suitable for occasional use.

The desk should have plenty of room for stationery, books, and even a computer, and must be well-lit to avoid eye strain too. When sitting at their desk, a child should be able to comfortably rest their feet on the ground, with their knees at a right angle, and should not be hunched over their work.

Sturdy full-size desk
The Fallowfield Desk with a sturdy metal frame and thick wooden desktop may not be what you envision when thinking about a kid’s desk but it does the job, is plenty wide enough and will last him/her all the way through Uni and beyond.

Yeah, but what about the cost?

One hurdle to buying a desk for your child might be the cost, but you can actually purchase a full-sized, solid desk for around £100. In fact, shopping for second-hand desks on sites such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Gumtree, can provide much better results than searching for cheap options from Argos.

Here, you might be able to find some great quality options that would cost hundreds of pounds to buy new. Our top tip is to buy the best desk that you can afford, and to see it as an investment for your child’s education. This also means that you’ll be less likely to have to replace it in the future, so you’ll probably end up saving money in the long run.

There are loads of different factors that can help your child to excel in, and enjoy, their education, and by buying them a high quality desk you can ensure that you’re getting their schooling off to a great start.

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  1. As an adult who works from home I found that having a proper desk to work on increased my ability to concentrate and focus 100%. I could never go back to making do with the kitchen table or laptop,

    Little wonder then that it would be the same with kids?

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