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Kids Musical Activities

To make it different from the usual musical play they always do, I suggested we make some instruments ourselves, so we made a shaker and straw panpipes.

Father’s Day Cards

This was a very easy father’s day card to make. I drew around my sons hand, we cut it out and he stuck it on the card and wrote the words ‘Happy fathers day, Hi 5 to the best dad in the world’.

Household pegs made into butterflies and caterpillars

Caterpillar and Butterfly Peg Craft

I love it when my children come up with the ideas themselves, it’s got to be the best way to craft. So here’s how we made some caterpillars…

Fingerprint flower card

Fingerprint Flower ‘Thank You’ Cards

It can be difficult to get children interested in writing thank you cards, so I knew I needed to make it fun. We got the paints out and made finger print flower cards.

House rules, keeping score with pasta

House Rules for Kids

I have always cringed at the thought of having a ‘family meeting’, but I was feeling desperate, so decided to have a family discussion about the ‘house rules’.

Child watering th eplants

Gardening with Children Tips

Now it is spring, lots of us are desperate to get out in the garden, to get it ready for summer, do some planting, weeding and general tidy up.

Children's tables and chairs

Observing Children Play

Maybe I’m biased, but I find it fascinating how children interact with furniture as they play and relax.