Father’s Day Cards

It’s fathers day next week, we have his present sorted wi the apron, so now we just needed to make some cards. Here are the cards we have made him…

Hi 5 Father's Day Card

Hi 5 Daddy!

This was a very easy father’s day card to make. I drew around my sons hand, we cut it out and he stuck it on the card and wrote the words ‘Happy fathers day, Hi 5 to the best dad in the world’. I think it looks very effective, even though it was so simple and quick to make.

Monster Hug Father's Day Card

A Monster Hug Card

We made 2 monster hug fathers day cards by drawing a monster inside the card, sitting 2 strips of card and folding them like a consortiner and gluing them on for arms. Again this is very easy to do, children love drawing monsters and daddy gets a nice hug in his card too….I love it!

Hands Father's Day Card

I Love You This Much Card

This was the last Father’s day card we made. It reads: ‘I love you this much’.

Again this was very easy to make. I drew around my children’s hand on card and cut them out. We then cut a strip of card out and folded it back and forth and glued it in-between the two hands. Voila, your father’s day card!

I like all these cards we made together and the children enjoyed making and drawing them too.

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Cards”

  1. Homemade cards are so much more personal. Lovely to make a little effort and make a card that stands out and you never throw out.

  2. We love making home made cards so much better than wasting money on shop bought ones which get thrown away!

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