To My Daughter…

Mum and duaghter standing beside a stream

She’s growing up so fast. For a while, it was more that I didn’t feel grown up enough to have such a huge responsibility, now it’s more about the fact that my little, dependant, shy daughter is turning into this stunningly gorgeous young lady, and there is nothing I can do to slow the time down.

I always used to worry about how shy she was, she didn’t like to go to parties on her own, she didn’t like to go to friends for sleepovers, joining clubs would be a major cause of panic for her. I knew she got it from me, (I spent most of my childhood either hiding behind my ridiculously long hair, or behind my mum) as her Dad is Mr Confident, he’ll talk to anyone, about anything, and he could probably sell you some i-goods too if you’re that way inclined. I didn’t want that for my little girl.

She’s not shy anymore

A confidence seems to be blooming in her, she wants to make new friends, she knows she doesn’t need to follow all the other girls in the playground to fit in (there may be a few wobbles but she’s getting there) if we go shopping, she wants to go to her shops, on her own, and pay for her stuff.

This may not seem massive, but it is to me. It’s like I have a completely different daughter. Sometimes I look at her, and she takes my breath away, huge green eyes, beautiful olive skin, legs like Bambi and the thickest, waviest hair (also from me, only hers looks so much lovelier) but even though she’s stunning, she is also the kindest little girl I have ever met, I could not be prouder.

If I could jump into the future and tell her ten things…

  1. Don’t smoke. Ever. It’s really not cool (no matter who says it is) and it’s a stupid habit that you’ll have to quit eventually. So just don’t start.
  2. You don’t need to follow a crowd. In fact, the less interested you are in them, the more they’ll be in you.
  3. Work hard at school and go to college. Even uni if you want. It might seem like hard work at the time, but it will be some of the best times you’ll have.
  4. Be yourself. ALL. THE. TIME. If people don’t like you for you, they’re not worth worrying about.
  5. Don’t save things for best. Those dresses, the sparkly shoes, wear them. You grow so bloody fast, you need to wear them now!
  6. Don’t rush the growing up thing. Have fun now.
  7. Travel the world (but email me daily).
  8. Always have confidence in yourself. You’re amazing.
  9. Don’t tease your brother too much. He’ll have lots of embarrassing stories in a few years & he won’t be afraid to use them.
  10. Whatever happens, wherever you end up, we’re always your home.
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4 thoughts on “To My Daughter…”

  1. Ah so lovely blog! Holly is an amazing little girl, and we love her dearly ! I remember your painful shyness, you wanted Pa to get some flowers for mum but you wouldn’t even go in and buy them. ah ! You would never speak up or out unless pushed, and we can’t stop you now hee hee Holly will look back at this and be so proud, as you are of her! we love Holly but we love mummy too!

  2. Oh my gosh what a lovely post, it’s brought a tear to my eye. Your daughter sounds wonderful-you must be so proud. And she’s a lucky little lady to have such a lovely mum. I have 2 girls, 7 and 5.5, they are growing up so fast, I see my eldest moving towards the next stage of life-the one where she needs me less and it’s so hard, but at the same time quite exciting. I hope I can handle it as well as you seem to be doing xxx

  3. Such a lovely post. It’s amazing to watch your children grow, yet so heart wrenching at the same time. Your ten pieces of advice are spot on too. It’s a shame that like us and our parents before us they’ll probably not take heed all the time and have to learn the hard way. Hey ho, that’s life I guess and as parents we’ll always be there no matter what.

  4. Love this great post. I have daughters, the eldest finding her voice after years of being ‘shy’ so it’s a familiar feeling of joy and pride but also my god where’s the time gone as she grows up! Great pic too – my OH has it as a card he kept with ‘ can we borrow the convertible?’ written inside from his girls! And no: 5 that should apply to all of us!

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