A Poem to My Son

Sometimes children need a boost. Sometimes children don’t realise they are amazing. Sometimes children need help to recognise how special they are.

Mum and Son

I wish you knew…

I wish you knew how amazing you are.
Your imagination and creativity knows no bounds.
You create something from nothing.
You play games with anything and everything.

I wish you knew how incredible you are.
Your enthusiasm and energy for life shines through.
You are full of passion and joy.
You love to make people laugh and smile.

I wish you knew how wonderful you are.
Your intelligence and thoughtfulness is astounding to watch.
You are a sponge for knowledge.
You think and absorb everything in sight.

I wish you knew how lovely you are.
Your generosity and helpfulness delights all to see.
You love to help and guide.
You even teach your sisters too.

I wish you knew how caring you are.
You like to see others happy and cheerful.
You consider and care about people around you.
You pick people up when they are down.

I wish you knew how warm hearted you are.
Your kind nature is beautiful to see.
You display wonderful compassion.
You have a sweetness that is tender and true.

I wish you knew what an inspiration you are.
You are my whole world.
You are my son.
You are loved all the way to the moon and back!

4 thoughts on “A Poem to My Son”

  1. So sweet! So many things that I wish my son knew as well. Hopefully hew ill eventually get it as he gets older.

  2. That is lovely. They don’t rally know do they and like you I want them to know that they are great as they are.

    Having children helps us see how amazing our little ones are and it can help us realise how amazing we are ourselves.

    Lovely poem.

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