Cooking for One

If you’re cooking for one, then be your own VIP. It’s the perfect opportunity to make your very own favourites or experiment with new flavours and techniques. If you’re smart with your shopping and cooking it will save you time and cash too.

Boy with pizza

All the more for me…

Most recipes serve 4 or 6 people, and they’re not always easy to scale down. Quarter of an egg anyone? But remember:

  • Batch cooking and freezing portions is a great way to save time and money; you’ll make the most of bulk-buy deals and have your own, homemade ready-meals.
  • Many dishes keep well in the fridge for a couple of days and a tasty leftovers-lunch will be the envy of your colleagues as they chew a limp sandwich! Nothing lights up a lunch break like our Baked Bean Lasagne.
  • Foundation dishes, such as Basic Mince can be used any number of ways – as a jacket potato topping or in Chilli Con Carne, Bolognese or Cottage Pie. Our Basic Mince recipe explains how to adapt it.
  • Recipes that use ingredients with a long shelf-life can make planning and shopping for meals easier. Take a look at our Store Cupboard Creations recipe collection as well as our tips for Smarter Shopping and Clever Cooking.

Give it a whirl

Making mistakes is all part of the adventure. Once you have perfected your new dishes and skills you can share them with friends…or just keep them to yourself!

Never made your own fresh pasta? You can do it! Try our Fresh Ravioli with Tuna and Cream Cheese – you can easily freeze what you don’t eat.

Making your own bread is not only a useful skill, it’s a great stress-buster and surprisingly rewarding. Try our standard bread recipe, topping it as you choose – sunflower and pumpkin seeds perhaps? Or how about Irish Soda Bread; it’s yeast-free and you won’t even need a loaf tin. The flatbreads from our Flatbreads with Tomato Topping are cooked in a frying pan – they couldn’t be easier or quicker. And you can re-heat them later for a second meal with a different topping.

Just how I like it

Be your own VIP. Now’s the time to not compromise! Like it super spicy? Pile in the chilli. Got more adventurous tastes than your friends and family? Our Prawn, Mango and Sweet Potato Curry is bursting with flavour and nutritious to boot. Just you who’s an aubergine fan? Try out Lamb and Lentil Moussaka and Seven Vegetable Curry.

Don’t worry if you end up having to buy a family-size quantity of an ingredient, our recipe search will help you find different ways to use it all up. Just try putting ‘carrot’ in our recipe search and see how many results you get – from soup and salads to bakes, cakes and even our Savoury Flapjack!

So move away from the frozen foods aisle and cook the dinner you deserve.

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