Worms in Mud Pudding

After a lovely day in the garden planting and worm hunting, what better way to end it, than to make these delicious worms in mud puddings?

Worms in mud pudding

These puddings are very simple to make:


  • Chocolate mousse pots.
  • Packet of oreo biscuits.
  • Worm sweets.

How to make worms in mud pudding:

  • Stir a pot of chocolate mousse a little and leave it to one side.
  • Crush the oreo biscuits. I used a food processor for ease and speed.
  • Sprinkle the oreo biscuit crumbs over the chocolate mousse.
  • Add the sweet worms on top.Worms in mud pudding.
  • Alternatively, you could use chocolate ice cream instead of mousse if you prefer.

For the best effect, you could put this in a clean (new) flower pot, it really does make it feel like you are eating mud!!

Eating the worm pudding

My children were absolutely delighted with their pudding, especially after a day gardening. The look on their faces when I brought it out to them was fab! They couldn’t believe they could eat it, until they tried, then they thought it was extremely yummy (and funny)!

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8 thoughts on “Worms in Mud Pudding”

  1. I LOVE this idea!! Will be using it with my daughter. Such a great ‘gruesome’ outddor cooking activity. Fab!

  2. Brilliant, I would have never thought to do this. What a great idea. And looks tasty too! Yummy. Looks like it got everyone’s approval too!

  3. My kids would absolutely love this! Will definitely surprise them with this in the summer when we’re back in UK (US sweets are all filled with artificial food dyes!).

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