Rocky Road Crunch Bars Fun

When you have multiple children it can be difficult to get one to one time with each child. At the moment my twins are in preschool two full days a week, which means I get two afternoons after school alone with BB. These are my last couple of weeks with this situation, as my girls will start school in September. I want to make the most of the one to one time I have left with BB.

Last week, we decided to cook together. We chose to make these Rocky Road crunch bars from Nigella. They were definitely right up BB’s street! They were very easy and tasted gorgeous!Rocky road crunch bars.


  • 125g Soft butter
  • 300g Dark chocolate
  • 3 Tbs Golden syrup
  • 200g Rich tea biscuits
  • 100g Mini marshmallows
  • Icing sugar for dusting

Making Rocky road crunch bars…

Firstly, BB loved breaking up the chocolate into chunks and putting it into a saucepan.

Breaking the chocolate chunks into a saucepan

He then added the butter and golden syrup before the obligatory licking of the syrup spoon!

Adding the syrup and butter

We then gently melted the butter, chocolate and syrup on a low heat. Once melted we took out 125ml of the mixture and put it to one side for later. We put the rich tea biscuits in a zip lock bag and bashed them, breaking them all up into a mixture of chunks and crumbs. I think this was BB’s favourite part.

Breaking up the biscuits

BB added the biscuits to the chocolate mixture and then gently stirred in the marshmallows.

Mixing it all together

Once all mixed in, we poured the mixture into a foil lined tin and flattened it down. We poured the remaining melted chocolate we set aside earlier over the top.

This was then refrigerated for a couple of hours before being cut into squares and dusted with icing sugar.Rocky road crunch bars.

These rocky road crunch bars tasted absolutely delicious! We will definitely have to do these again, though not too soon as I can’t imagine the calories in them!

It was a really lovely time we spent together and BB kept saying throughout, “I love cooking with you mum”! Well, that’s enough to melt my heart, let alone the chocolate! I would seriously recommend remembering to spend some one to one time with your children whenever you can.

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4 thoughts on “Rocky Road Crunch Bars Fun”

  1. Ooo now they look good!
    I know what you mean about time with the kids separately, it can be really hard to manage. Just grab what you can when you can. I enjoyed teaching my oldest two to drive as that was just the two of us time, although it was a teeny bit stressful! My youngest I trap in the car when I’m dropping him to something or other and force him to talk to me about what’s going on with him. My daughter is at uni so time with her is precious (I’m enjoying her being home for the summer – my tea drinking buddy is back for a bit)

  2. We love rocky road and often adulterate the basic recipe with raisins, different biscuits (whatever we have in the cupboards really). Not very good if you’re trying to eat healthily though

  3. I’m so hungry now!!!! I know what you mean about not having enough one to one time with children when we have more than one (though the case changed a bit a couple of weeks ago when one was ill and asleep most of the day).

    My wife spends a lot of time cooking with our girls, but I find it quite stressful…I think it’s my fear of a shared sense of failure when things will come out burnt and everything. Then again, I suppose that’s a good lesson to teach!

    I’m printing this out…maybe I’ll be brave and give it a go with my daughters…or I might just opt for the tastier version and let my wife do it properly with them!

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