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Tins of paint

Colours for a Child’s Bedroom

Colour can have a big impact on mood and as many children spend more than half their time in their bedrooms. So, how do you choose a colour for a child’s bedroom?

B&Q DIY Classes

Kid’s DIY Classes

B&Q are running courses in-store aimed at giving young kids some basic DIY skills. Children are let loose with saws, hammers and drills to make their own bird feeders, mug trees and key holders.

Gardening with kids

Kid’s Gardening

Get the kids interested in gardening and, aside from fostering an interest in the great outdoors, they may be become more willing to eat fresh veg. Especially if they’ve grown it themselves!

Child with painted hands

Free Activities For Kids

Keeping the kids entertained over the holidays needn’t cost an arm and a leg, or your sanity! Here’s a few ideas that won’t cost you a penny.

Kids playing at Ham House

National Trust Day’s Out

If you think that stately homes full of antiques are no place for bored children at the weekend you are missing a treat. The National Trust offers some fantastic family days out that the kids will love!


Museums for Kids

For a day out when the weather isn’t too great, regular museums can be a bit boring – but there are loads of museums especially for kids…


Farm Play Theme

A play theme inspired by our lovely outing to Amners Farm lambing day. If you get a chance to visit your local farm I would highly recommend it.

Fairy houses

Book Folding Fairy House

Finding new crafts is always a delight, so when Nana suggested a book folding fairy house craft, we simply couldn’t resist!

Christmas socks

Christmas is Coming

It’s December and that means one thing…Christmas is coming! I feel we can now officially start thinking properly about Christmas.

3 boys

Parenting Three Children

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. We’ve all heard the saying. Is this true with children? Here’s my take on parenting three children…


A Conker Encounter

We had only got to the start of the walk when we glimpsed our favourite tree…a horse-chestnut and there were conkers all over the floor!

A family camping trip

Our First Family Camping Trip

There is something special about sleeping in a field under canvas. It was time to share the experience with the whole family.

Mum jogging with child riding bike

Mum Keeping Fit

Keeping fit as a mum can be a struggle, here is how I found my way to fitness…

Busy mum

Always Busy!

I am a stay at home mum and my children are now at school, but I still don’t have enough time in the day for everything! How does that happen?

Kids playing together

Siblings Can Inspire Each Other

I have previously written about inspiring my children, however lately I have noticed how my twin girls are inspired by their big brother.

Siblings walking together

Siblings Together

There is something special about watching siblings grow together, interact and learn alongside each other. The uniqueness of their relationship as a young child is awesome.

Child listening through headphones

Why won’t kids listen?

This is a question most parents seem to ask themselves on a regular basis…why won’t kids listen?

Learning photography

After school activities – how many?

There is an abundance of wonderful opportunities for after school clubs and activities these days but there needs to be some time for kids to play and relax – so are there too many organised activities for kids?

Balancing on a tight-rope

Parenting is a Balancing Act

We balance the housework, playtime, free-time and activities. We have to balance guiding children with providing them with the freedom to learn and explore. The list is endless.

Young girl talking

Kids say the funniest things

I love listening to children experiment with language. They make such innocent mistakes that can also be hilarious…

Garden scene

Ideas for garden play in winter

Winter can feel like a long time cooped up indoors, especially with children. However, there should be no reason children can’t play outside still.

Tick box list

Our Summer Bucket List

Now the summer holidays are looming and I am thinking about 6 whole weeks of keeping children entertained, so I decided to make a summer bucket list for the holidays

Child walking across a rope bridge

New Forest Half-Term Break

Last weekend we were lucky enough to go to the New Forest for a few days. We absolutely love it there and autumn is definitely our favourite time of year to visit.

3 boys

Family Time

The other week, we found time for a visit and family time. The kids had a great time playing with their twin cousins.

Kids playing

Bring Back Childhood

Do kids get more fun from playing outdoors or indoors sat in front of a computer screen? I know what I think, what about you?

Child in paddling pool

It Takes 10 Times Longer to Clean-up Than to Play

We spend ages preparing for an activity, whether it’s a craft, a game, or even a trip out. We research ideas, gather equipment, set it up and pack bags for trips out. It all takes time and effort.

Doily Christmas Cards

I created these doily Christmas trees, which could be made by grown ups or by slightly older children who are good at folding paper. They are actually very simple