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Parenting advice, tips and general rants from a working mum plus activities and recipes for the whole family.

Healthy kid's packed lunch

Perfect Packed Lunches

A balanced diet is about eating lots of different foods to get the nutrients they need, so be prepared to put in a bit of time and effort – it’ll pay off in spades for their nutrition…

Bobotie Dish


A fun and original recipe with curried meat, sultanas, oranges and egg custard.

Mixed bean salad

Mixed Bean Salad

To make this salad you just combine different types of canned beans and vegetables and mix with a dressing.

Couscous salad

Rainbow Couscous

A quick an easy recipe that’s both nutritious and filling. Bright peppers add a rainbow of colours and a cool crunch to this tasty salad.

Easter Bunnies

Easter Egg Trails

Get out with the kids this Easter and take part in one of the many organised Egg Hunts around the country. With free chocolate available, what’s not to like?

Kid's easy access bookcase

Child Friendly Storage

A growing family means growing storage needs…. But you probably can’t afford to keep buying expensive storage units each time a child’s taste in toys changes…

Nautical themed bedroom

A Room They’ll Love

Children’s rooms lend themselves well to having a fun, imaginative or inspirational theme, and creating the idea isn’t as difficult or expensive as you think.

Shared Bedrooms

It’s common practice for siblings to share a bedroom but this can cause problems, so here a few tips to get you started…

Toddler tantrum

Toddler Tantrums

A few ways to deal with a young child when they decide to throw a tantrum…

Stars painted ceiling

Latest Trends

What’s new and popular in the world of children’s rooms

Child attempting to climb a set of drawers

Keeping Them Safe

There are lots of things to consider when creating a space for your child, but there is also one big thing to consider and that is safety…

Tins of paint

Colours for a Child’s Bedroom

Colour can have a big impact on mood and as many children spend more than half their time in their bedrooms. So, how do you choose a colour for a child’s bedroom?

B&Q DIY Classes

Kid’s DIY Classes

B&Q are running courses in-store aimed at giving young kids some basic DIY skills. Children are let loose with saws, hammers and drills to make their own bird feeders, mug trees and key holders.

Gardening with kids

Kid’s Gardening

Get the kids interested in gardening and, aside from fostering an interest in the great outdoors, they may be become more willing to eat fresh veg. Especially if they’ve grown it themselves!

Child with painted hands

Free Activities For Kids

Keeping the kids entertained over the holidays needn’t cost an arm and a leg, or your sanity! Here’s a few ideas that won’t cost you a penny.

Kids playing at Ham House

National Trust Day’s Out

If you think that stately homes full of antiques are no place for bored children at the weekend you are missing a treat. The National Trust offers some fantastic family days out that the kids will love!


Museums for Kids

For a day out when the weather isn’t too great, regular museums can be a bit boring – but there are loads of museums especially for kids…


Farm Play Theme

A play theme inspired by our lovely outing to Amners Farm lambing day. If you get a chance to visit your local farm I would highly recommend it.

Fairy houses

Book Folding Fairy House

Finding new crafts is always a delight, so when Nana suggested a book folding fairy house craft, we simply couldn’t resist!

Christmas socks

Christmas is Coming

It’s December and that means one thing…Christmas is coming! I feel we can now officially start thinking properly about Christmas.

Fizzbook Laptop

The Fizzbook

The Fizzbook offered a practical alternative to traditional laptops and netbooks…

3 boys

Parenting Three Children

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. We’ve all heard the saying. Is this true with children? Here’s my take on parenting three children…