How to make Rainbow Toast

All children love being creative, even those who don’t like art and crafts. Often, those kids who haven’t the passion for art, still find creativity fun. Finding a different medium for them to become creative can be a way of encouraging this.

Both my girls like arts and crafts, however, my son is more into science than art, which is great too. But, when I suggested painting on bread, his eyes lit up…painting and food, what a great combination! How to make rainbow toast…

To make rainbow toast you’ll need:

  • White bread
  • Milk
  • Food colouring
  • A new paintbrush
What you need to make rainbow toast

It is so easy make rainbow toast. Just mix each food colouring in a small amount of milk, then start painting on the bread. You can make all sorts of designs. I made a rainbow. My children made patterns and spots. Alternatively, you could paint a picture or a face, just let the creativity flow.

This was such a fun, creative activity, that didn’t take any effort to do. The children loved making their artwork on a completely different medium to paper. Even my son couldn’t resist this. It was very interesting watching them work out how best to paint as the bread absorbed the colour.

Making rainbow toast

Then, the bonus is, they get to eat their creations. Simply toast the bread under the grill. It really is that easy. The children were fascinated eating such bright colours for tea. Yes, I know all that food colouring is not the best for them, but hey, it’s not very often they get to paint their tea!

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  1. Easy fun! We made ‘Fairy Bread’ yesterday (an Australian invention apparently – hundreds and thousands pressed into bread and butter). This next!

  2. I love this! I saw something similar for milk painting on bread, but toast looks much more stable and I’m sure O would love to do this! thank you.

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