Bread and soup making with kids

Now that autumn appears to have truly hit us I like to start making some cosy winter warming recipes. What better way to start, than with some carrot and ginger soup with homemade bread.

Carrot soup and a bread role

My children have never made bread from scratch before, they’ve only ever seen me make it in the bread maker (the wonderful cheats machine). I wanted them to experience how bread is made, how much work it takes to make just one loaf and also show them the magic of the yeast, the doubling in size! I found this great easy recipe on Pinterest from Kids activities blog, please check it out if you fancy having a go.

First we got to work on the bread by measuring out the ingredients. BB did very well with this.Measuring ingredients for bread making

Next, we mixed up all the ingredients and started the hard work of kneading. All the children enjoyed it, though Pinky and Boo did find this a little bit difficult, I just had to give it a couple of extra kneads once they’d had a go.

Once we’d finished, we had to leave it for a bit, then do some more kneading and this process happened a few times (see recipe), before placing it in a warm place (the airing cupboard). After 30 mins, we got it out again and it had grown! The dough had doubled in size. The children thought this was magic! So I explained to them about the yeast and warmth etc.

We then followed the rest of the recipe before baking it in the oven. When it came out, I was very impressed, it look delicious and smelt wonderful! There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh homemade bread.

Next up, we had a lot of carrots we’d grown in the garden, so we decided to make carrot, honey and ginger soup. We got the recipe from Dinky Thinks.

Washing the carrots

We washed our wonderful homegrown carrots together. For some reason the children loved doing this, so we had to divide them all up so it was fair!

The children then peeled and chopped the ingredients together. This is always a good activity, they love helping and feel very grown up.

We cooked up all the ingredients according to the recipe and made some truly delicious soup!

Making bread with children is a wonderful activity. It was really quite physical, it was a good sensory experience and even a science lesson all in one. The soup we made together was also a fantastic activity. As we grew our own carrots, it really showed them the whole process of where our food comes from and how it ends up on our plates. It was a lot of fun and it taught them about knife skills, cooking and working together.

The food we made was totally delicious, a lovely autumn warmer and I would highly recommend having a go!

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  1. What a fab autumn activity! I’ve never made bread but I know hubs is looking forward to making bread with Minkey when he is a bit older! That soup sounds yum too!

  2. Such lovely activities to share with your children. My son is more interested in helping me with the cooking than my daughter. I might try to get him to help me more with my next bread making.

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