Fizzbook Laptop

The Fizzbook

The Fizzbook originally appeared on the scene back in 2008, a re-badged version of Intel’s Classmate PC, the Fizzbook offered a practical alternative to traditional laptops and netbooks and bridged the gap between learning aids such as the VTech range of learning computers and fully-grown and hi-spec laptops. The Classmate Part of the Intel Learning Series the Classmate is a rugged, affordable, student-friendly netbook with full PC functionality. Designed to be an engaging, interactive way for students to absorb information and create content as well as giving teachers the tools to individualize instruction and foster problem-based learning. The Classmate is … Read more

Chromebook laptop

Is a Chromebook Suitable for a Child?

A little known fact is that the Samsung Chromebook has been the best-selling laptop on amazon for the past two years, in the UK and US. There are no figures to indicate how many units this equates to but it’s safe to say it will be a lot? The idea behind the Chromebook was greeted with a fair degree of disdain when it was first announced but over time even the most cynical of critics have had to concede that as an inexpensive and portable laptop the Chromebook has a lot going for it. The Chromebook wasn’t specifically designed for kids … Read more