Kenny Mid Sleeper

Kid's bed with storage
W211 × D133 × H162 cm
Cabin bed with fixed ladder, cupboard, shelving and a desk
Built-in shelving

Is your child currently navigating the move from primary to secondary school, or starting to enquire about their own hobbies and interests – favouring certain activities over others?

It might be time to upgrade their bedroom furniture to something a little more grown-up – with the Kenny mid-sleeper combining the excitement of an elevated bed frame with a series of integrated and functional features. Read more…

With the mid-sleeper mattress accessible by a ladder which is permanently fixed to the bottom end of the bed, and a set of shelves lining the wall next to the mattress for easily accessible storage, one of the standout benefits of this bed frame is the way that every inch of the footprint is used in a positive way.

Rather than leaving the space under the mid-sleeper structure open for versatile use, this particular frame has built a storage cabinet, display surface, and pull out desk into the main frame of the bed – giving young people access to their own workspace, storage, and area for relaxation.

If you ask us, this is one of the best ways of not only maximising the use of space in a child’s room but establishing their role in keeping their own space tidy and organised! A win-win investment.

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