Jude Midsleeper

Grey midsleeper with drawers
Jude Midsleeper
W196 × D96 × H126 cm

If you’re searching for a child’s bed that doubles up as an innovative storage solution, look no further than the Jude Midsleeper.

Jude midsleeper drawers
A set of 6 drawers provide lots of useful storage space

Combining a comfortable sleeping space with plenty of storage, this bed boasts six spacious drawers where clothes, toys, and countless other things can be hidden away when not in use – making it perfect for compact bedrooms. Not only does this mean that your little one will have an awesome place to rest their head but can also help them to keep their room neat and tidy whilst creating an illusion of space. READ MORE…

Grey in colour, the Jude Midsleeper will effortlessly suit any child’s bedroom and is sure to complement you kid’s chosen décor scheme. Created for children six and above, the Jude Midsleeper has an inbuilt ladder which provides access to the bed and has high sides for extra security while they’re asleep.

The top bunk is always a popular option with children, and when you choose the Jude Midsleeper they’ll always feel like they’re ‘King or Queen of the Castle’. Beneath the bed are the item’s six drawers which will be easily accessible to both you and your child, so tidying up after playtime shouldn’t be a problem!

Created to be just as strong and sturdy as it is attractive and functional, the Jude Midsleeper comes with wooden slats topped with a cosy mattress for optimal comfort.

This bed will require assembly on arrival, but you’re sure to have it built and ready before bedtime! The spring mattress is from Silentnight and is wrapped in a soft knit cover with a micro quilt finish.

If your child would benefit from a bed that also offers plenty of storage, buy the Jude Midsleeper today and discover just how practical it is for yourself.

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