Toy Chests

These days, there are thousands of different storage ideas for kid’s rooms but sometimes a traditional toy chest can be the best option.

Why? Because not all kid’s toys come in convenient shapes and sizes and it isn’t always easy to organise them neatly. So a big container that you can just chuck stuff in at the end of a busy day can have its advantages.

There are also lots of different designs available so it doesn’t matter how fussy your child or the range of your budget – there will be an option to suit you both.

White Toy Chest with Lower Drawer
Poppins Toy Chest
Based on a traditional toy chest with a flip-top lid and grab handles but with a storage drawer.
W90 × D40 × H46 cm
£155 from
Jungle theme wooden toy chest
Tidlo Natural Jungle Toy Chest
Animal themed wooden chest featuring a lion, elephant, giraffe and monkey panel.
W64 × D40 × H38 cm
Floral pattern toy chest with pink lid
Flowers and Birds Toy Box by HelloHome
White toy chest with a pink lid and floral print pattern.
W59 × D39 × H39 cm
£44.99 (plus £3.99 delivery) from
Dinosaur theme toy chest
Dinosaurs Toy Box by HelloHome
White toy chest with blue lift-off lid, decorated with cute dinosaur figures.
W59 × D39 × H39 cm
£44.99 (plus delivery charge of £3.99) from
Pink toy chest with 3 star cut-outs
Storage Chest, Sirius Theme
Painted toy chest with 3 star cut-outs and child-friendly lid. Available in white, grey and pink.
W68 × D43 × H43 cm
£67 from
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